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Our website allows you to search for artists based on your location or preferred tattoo styles, making it easy to find the right artist for you. With over 530 talented tattoo artists to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect one to bring your tattoo vision to life

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Our Main Features

Artists Job Portal

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Tattoo artists job portal to hire a tattoo artist who is looking for the next opportunity.

Global Audience

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We promote artist work through our  Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, and our website. 

Tattoo Artist Booking

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Book your next tattoo artist with ease on our website. Browse portfolios and schedule appointments all in one convenient location.

Search By Style

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You can easily find tattoo artists based on the tattoo styles .

Search By Location

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Find tattoo artist or studio near your current location and book with them.

Tag And Reshare

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We reshare tattoo artist’s tagged work on our Facebook and Instagram stories.

Artist Interview

Artist sharing their tattoo journey and some experiences

Meet Our Team


He is responsible to build a relationship with Australian tattoo artists and studios.


He utilise his knowledge to reach more audiences effectively and efficiently.


She looks after managing and publishing content into various social media channels.

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