About Tattoo Connect

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Tattoo Connect is an Australian tattoo artists community platform established to promote artist’s work through our multiple social media channels and also to build a relationship between the talented artist with a local and international audience

Our platform has more than 200 Australian tattoo artists and studio registered which make tattoo lovers to find tattoo artist and studio in Australia.

We have more than 4 Million audience in our Pinterest channel. We are inviting all Australian artist to join and grow with us. 

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If you are an International tattoo artist and interested in collab with an Australian tattoo artist then contact us.

Our Main Features

Easy to Hire

Australian tattoo studio can easily hire a local tattoo artist who is looking for the next opportunity.

Promote Your Art

We promote artist art through our  Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, and the partner and our website. 

Collab With Artist

We help to connect international tattoo artist who loves to collab with Australian tattoo artist or studio.

Artist Interview

Artist sharing their tattoo journey and some experiences

Our Team


Ashley is responsible to build a relationship between Tattoo Connect and Australian tattoo artists


He knows how and which is the right digital tool to use to reach more audiences effectively.


She looks after publishing content into various social media channels with her proven strategy.

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Tattoo Connect helps to find an Australian tattoo artist easily who is actively looking for a tattoo artist or studio for their next tattoo. Finding a tattoo artist with Tattoo Connect is easier than finding a Nemo.

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