20 Wonderful Best Friend Tattoo Ideas

There are a lot of different best friend-matching tattoo ideas out there. You and your best mate can choose to get the same tattoo, or you can each get a tattoo that represents your friendship.

If you both love animals, you could get matching animal tattoos. Or, if you both have a favorite quote, you could get matching tattoos with your best mate. If you and your friend share similar interests like music, travel the get musical instruments or travel destination maps tattoo with your friend.

There are endless possibilities for BFF-matching tattoos!

Small Best Friend Tattoo Ideas

Small best friend tattoos are a great way to show your affection for your best friend. They are also a great way to show your personality and style. If you are considering getting a small best friend tattoo, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

First, it is important to choose a design that is meaningful to you and your best friend. Second, it is important to choose a tattoo artist whom you feel comfortable with and who has experience in doing small tattoos. Third, it is important to make sure the tattoo is placed in an area that can be easily covered if you need to.

Cute matching tattoo on finger by tavi tattoo
Amazing matching tattoo by inkster

Lock and Key Friendship Tattoos

A tattoo of a lock and key can be a symbol of a strong bond between two people, whether they are romantic partners or best friends. The design suggests that these people complement each other well and have something special together. The lock and key represent what is most valuable to each person and what they want to protect.

Lock and key tattoos are a popular matching best friend tattoo choice. The tattoo symbolizes the friendship and bond between two people. Often, one friend will get the tattoo first, and then their friend will get the same tattoo in the same spot. This is a way to show that friendship is unbreakable.

Avocado Halves BFF Tattoo

What could be more perfect than getting avocado halves tattooed on your BFF?

It’s the ultimate in friendship goals! Plus, it’s a unique and super cute best friend tattoo that will definitely start a conversation. It’s the ultimate way to show your love and appreciation for one another. The arm would be a great placement for this tattoo.

Cute matching avacado tattoo by lafragolblu
Beautiful avacdo tattoo by by vas

Sun and Moon Tattoo

The sun and moon are two of the most popular tattoo designs, and for good reason. They represent opposite forces that are both essential to our existence.

The sun is a symbol of life and growth, while the moon represents change and mystery. Together, they make a perfect tattoo design that can be interpreted in many ways.

Butterfly Tattoo Design

Butterfly tattoos are a popular choice for many people. They are often seen as a symbol of friendship and love. They can also be seen as a reminder of a special moment or memory shared between friends.

Best Friend Flower Tattoos

Flower tattoos are a popular choice for those looking to get inked with their BFF. They’re feminine, and pretty, and can be designed in a variety of ways. Plus, they look great no matter where you put them on your body.

If you’re thinking about matching friendship tattoos of flowers, take a look at some of our favorite flower designs. From delicate and dainty to bold and bright, there’s sure to be a tattoo that’s perfect for you and your bestie.

Flowers can be very symbolic. So, When you and your close friend are choosing a floral tattoo, take into account not only the flower’s appearance but also its symbolism The symbol of love is a rose flower, the lily flower is a symbol of happiness and symbol. If your friends have names related to botanicals like jasmine, rose, and daisy. You can get inked with a flower design or its name.

Beautiful flower tattoo by bunami.ink
Beautiful matching flower tattoo design by bunami.ink

Yin and Yang Tattoo

Yin and Yang represent two opposing forces but they’re both necessary for balance. Yang represents masculine energy, while yin represents feminine energy. Two people who get along well together are a sign of good friendship. Make this tattoo more attractive by adding other elements like flowers

Linework Heart

The linework heart is a minimal and simple tattoo design to show your love towards your friendship in a simpler way.

Simplicity makes it a very popular tattoo design which can be done in many different ways. The design is simple but still very beautiful and perfect for those who want to show their love to their friends without any other design elements.

Fineline matching hert tattoo by moonmoon tattoo

Funny Matching Tattoo

Sharing the same sense of humor having a good time, and laughing together is one of the best things about friendship. Fun in friendship will help your best friend’s relationship could last for life. Make fun memorable with funny tattoos.

Humor, puns, cartoons, and nasty and dirty jokes are all acceptable. What really matters is that you laugh when you look at each other’s tattoos and makes only sense if people see them at the same time.

Funny and cute matching tattoo by pelinnsimsek
plane matching tattoos
Via Pinterest
Amazing matching tattoo on wrist
Via Pinterest

Half Tattoos

The half tattoo has a very strong meaning. It will be a full tattoo when the other half symbol meets.

It means you’re half of someone else and are complete when they’re there. We can always look at our ink and know that we are one of 2 people; we are never truly alone. It’s a design that works well for best friends. It works best if you keep things simple. It’s perfect for places like hands, feet, or ears.

Wings Tattoos

Flying requires two wings working together. Each wing can be inked between friends. Wings signify you are unstoppable while together and lift each other up in any situation. These tattoos may represent friends who have been through tough times together and have emerged stronger. These wings tattoo designs could represent a friend who has passed away or they could simply be a tribute to an angel.

A Forever Promise tattoo

A Forever or pinky promise tattoo is a tattoo that symbolizes a person’s commitment to never give up on their dreams. This tattoo is a reminder to never give up, no matter how difficult life gets. This tattoo is a symbol of the trust and safety you feel confiding in your BFF. It is a reminder of your promises. This tattoo is a beautiful way to show the world that you are committed to your promise with your BFF.

Beautiful mtching tattoo by moonchild.tattoo

Wine Glass Tattoo

If you and your BFF are fans of wine, then why not get matching wine glass tattoos? This tattoo design is minimalistic, only depicting the essential elements, while still including enough detail to show the wine in motion.

Amazing wine tattoo on leg by tinytattooinc

Quote tattoos

Quote tattoos can make a great connection with your BFF. It can be a meaningful and powerful word you can get from books, songs, or movies. You can get half a quote and the rest for your friend. Your quote will be meaningless or incomplete until you both are together. You will feel like you are incomplete without your best buddy.

Anime Character

If you and your best friends are fans of anime, then getting tattoos of each other’s favorite anime characters would be a great way to show respect for one another.

Matching legos tattoo with a friend

If you and your best mates are passionate about legos, then getting lego tattoos with your best friend would be a great way to show your love for each other. The tattoos would be incomplete until you’re able to meet up again and complete the design.

Cute matching leggos tattoo
Via Pinterest


This design uses realistic elements, such as dotted lines and circle/stars symbols, to mimic the appearance of a real star map, and it looks great on both men and women. This design is a unique and thoughtful gift for the special friend in your life. It features a realistic star map with the name of your friend, their date of birth, and even their favorite color. You can also add a heart symbol to represent how much you care about them.

Cute Best Friend Tattoo

Best friends who have a strong connection often choose cute tattoo designs. A cute tattoo would be a great way to symbolize a long-standing friendship. If you’re a fan of your favorite childhood cartoon characters, animal tattoos, or ‘hugging fingers’ designs, they’re all great inkings for good friends.

To Infinity and Beyond tattoo

This tattoo is a popular choice for those who have a strong connection to outer space. The phrase “to infinity and beyond” is often used to describe the vastness of space, and this tattoo represents that sentiment. This tattoo can also be seen as a reminder that there are no limits to what we can achieve in life.

Food designs tattoos

If you and your BFF love the same foods, then a tattoo of that food would be a great tattoo design idea. You can get this tattoo in small size behind the ear, ankle, or forearms.

You can get simple designs like a slice of pizza or a cupcake, to more elaborate ones that feature an entire feast laid out on the skin. No matter what the design, these tattoos are sure to make anyone’s stomach grumble!

matching bestfriend tattoo

In conclusion

In conclusion, best friend tattoos can serve as a beautiful and enduring tribute to the unique bond between two individuals.

The ideas for best friend tattoos are as diverse as the friendships they represent. Whether you opt for a symbol, a quote, a location, or a creative combination, the key is to choose a design that resonates deeply with both of you. Remember that a best friend tattoo should not only reflect the present but also stand the test of time, serving as a reminder of the unwavering connection and support you provide each other.

Before getting inked, take the opportunity to discuss the design thoroughly, ensuring that it captures the essence of your friendship and holds significance for years to come.

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