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Butterfly Tattoo

What can be more feminine than having a butterfly tattoo? The butterfly tattoo is a favorite subject for girls of all ages. It is cute, colorful and meaningful. What is the meaning of these tattoos and what do they symbolize? For many people, butterflies are a symbol of transformation – from a cocoon to a butterfly. A transformation to something beautiful. Not only physical transformation but the transformation of the spirit as well. It also symbolizes change. Some people choose to have a butterfly tattoo after experiencing a life-changing event. A butterfly tattoo is a reminder of that significant life experience. The colorful wings of the butterfly also signify joy and freedom. Couples are also on-trend. Not just for partners but for besties too! 

Butterfly tattoo designs come in many different sizes, colors and styles. It is a very versatile design that can be inked on different parts of the body. Butterflies are commonly inked on the chest, the nape, shoulder and on shoulder blades. Other women ink butterfly tattoos behind the ears, arms, legs and lower back. Tattoo placement is as important as the design itself. Whether you go for colored or black and white, always choose a design that speaks of your personality and its special meaning to you. Here are some of the best butterfly tattoo ideas for you to choose from.

Butterfly tattoo for women

These tattoos are cute and meaningful. That is why it became a popular choice of tattoo design for women of all ages. Butterfly tattoos for girls can be done in colored or black and white. It can be done in many different styles like realistic or whimsical and even tribal.

Butterfly woman tattoo on arm
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Butterfly tattoo for women on arm
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Colorful butterflies tattoo for women
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Black butterfly tattoo on arm for women
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Tribal butterfly tattoo on arm
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Butterfly tattoo ideas for couples

Butterfly tattoos for couples symbolize unity and togetherness. We all know that wings will not function without the other. But not all couple tattoos are for lovers. Go and get a matching tattoo with your bestie to celebrate your friendship!



Besties butterfly tattoo on arm
Source:[email protected]_house

Butterfly tattoo on legs

Butterfly tattoo on the legs allows more freedom and versatility in the design because of the canvas size. The leg is a good place to create a tattoo design mixed with other subjects like flowers and other winged animals.

Geo butterfly tattoo on leg
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Pink Butterfly and Dagger tattoo on leg
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Red floral butterfly tattoo on leg
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Butterfly dagger tattoo on leg
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Simple and small butterfly tattoo

For those who want a sweet and subtle tattoo, then this one is for you. Try a simple and small butterfly tattoo. Size doesn’t matter, even on tattoos!

Small butterflies tattoo on arm
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Small Pink butterfly tattoo on arm
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Blue butterflies tattoo on arm
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3D butterfly tattoo

Add life and realism to your tattoo by doing a 3D tattoo. Create a garden with flowers and butterflies or a flutter on your back or your shoulder. Or you can go for a simple 3D design on your arm.

3D colorful butterfly tattoo on leg
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3D butterfly tattoo on chest
Source:[email protected]_and_snacks
Orange 3D butterfly tattoo on chest
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Semi-colon butterfly tattoo

A semi-colon butterfly tattoo is a symbol of hope and resurrection. It represents a deep meaning for someone who has overcome emotional stress or depression. Some people choose to ink this tattoo to celebrate a new life.

Semi-colon blue butterfly tattoo on leg
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Lovely semi colon butterfly tattoo on arm
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Cute Semi colon butterfly tattoo on leg
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Colorful butterfly tattoo

Butterflies come in different colors and so should your tattoo! Be fun and playful with colorful butterfly tattoos. Go simple with a colorful butterfly wrist tattoo or go big with a colorful flutter on your leg. 

Orange bold butterfly on leg
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Purple butterflies tattoo on leg
Source:[email protected]_tattooz

Butterfly tattoo in body parts

From a small tattoo on your wrist to a big one on your thighs, butterfly tattoos can be inked anywhere in your body. For a cute and sweet tattoo, get one on your arm or behind your ear. If you want a bold tattoo, cover your back with colorful butterflies!

Butterfly tattoo behind ear
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Butterflies tattoo on arm
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Black Butterfly tattoo on arm
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Tiger butterfly tattoo on arm
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Which is the best butterfly tattoo?

The best butterfly tattoo is the one that speaks of your personality and the special meaning that it holds to you. It can be a sweet and small butterfly tattoo on your wrist. Or a big one on your shoulder blades. Popular tattoo designs include semi-colon butterfly tattoos, 3D tattoos and colorful tattoos. But whatever your tattoo design choice is, make sure that it has a special meaning to you.

What does a blue butterfly tattoo symbolize?

The blue butterfly tattoo is a common tattoo design. This has become a favorite tattoo design not only because of its bold and bright color but its special meaning as well. This tattoo symbolizes joy and change of luck. Most people usually ink this design after a wish has been granted or prayer has been answered. This is also considered a lucky charm by many tattoo fanatics, especially females. The blue butterfly tattoo also symbolizes energy and joy.

What does a purple butterfly tattoo symbolize?

Purple butterfly tattoos symbolize survival and strength. Most people ink a purple tattoo after surviving a life-threatening experience. This can be an accident or an illness that they survived. Others also choose the purple butterfly as a reminder of their strength. The purple butterfly tattoo also symbolizes wealth and power. So show the diva in your with a purple tattoo! 

How to take care of a butterfly tattoo?

Like all the other tattoos, a butterfly tattoo also needs love and care. No matter how small or big the size is. Always follow the aftercare tips that your tattoo artist will give you. After the tattoo session, keep the cover of the tattoo to avoid getting bacteria and to keep them from rubbing on your clothes. Avoid touching your tattoo. Touching your tattoo while it is healing can introduce bacteria on your skin that can cause irritation. When cleaning your tattoo, wash it gently with soap and water. Once the tattoo is healed, apply a moisturizer to keep the skin and avoid excessive exposure to the sun.


Getting a tattoo is very meaningful for so many people. Butterfly tattoos have a lot of meaning. It symbolizes transformation and change. A change for the better. They also symbolize beauty and freedom. A metaphor of how a butterfly emerges from a cocoon. Butterfly tattoos also mean hope and resurrection. Most people see the butterfly tattoo as a symbol of color and joy. But whatever your butterfly tattoo symbolizes, always make sure that it represents your personality and the things that are special to you.  

Butterfly tattoos come in many different styles. You can do watercolor or 3D design for that bold and colorful design. Or you can also go sweet and simple with a small semi-color tattoo on your wrist. The butterfly tattoo is a versatile tattoo that can be inked anywhere in the body. It can also be combined with different objects to create a more interesting tattoo design.

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