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How To Take Care Of Tattoo

Easy Ways To Take Care Of Your New Tattoo

Getting a tattoo is fun. Finding the perfect design is awesome! Having the best tattoo artists is fantastic. A tattoo is an expression of a person’s desires. It can be a memorabilia to some. Others tell a story through body art.

Being inked starts with finding a design. Looking for the perfect artist. Finally having the design tattooed to your skin. But it does not end there. Getting a tattoo needs aftercare. You need to know how to care for your new tattoo.

Importance Of Tattoo Aftercare

When you get a tattoo, the process of healing needs aftercare too. It is important that you know how to care for your skin once you get a new tattoo. Aftercare is important because it keeps your skin away from any infection.

Once you get a tattoo, you cut a part of your skin. If you have a cut or wound, you definitely will want to care for that part, right? Same with the tattoo. Aftercare matters. It does not prolong the healing process. Once you know how to do tattoo aftercare, you can show off your tattoo. It also keeps your tattooed skin from any damage.

Aftercare Tattoo Tips

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  • Make sure the artist covers the tattoo. You have to make sure that the artist covers the tattoo with a plastic wrap. The artist must apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly to it. Before you leave the studio, make sure that the artist applies these things to your new body art.
  • When you leave the studio, let the plastic wrap stay. After 24 hours, gently remove the plastic wrap. Wash the tattoo with antimicrobial soap and water. Make sure you do not press too hard on the wound.
  • Make sure to pat your tattoo dry after washing. Do not rub it. Pat it with a clean cloth or a clean paper towel. Do not put on another wrap. Just keep the tattoo dry.
  • Apply lotion on the tattoo when dry. Once your tattoo is dry, you may now apply a thin layer of lotion. The lotion helps in moisturizing the area.
  • Repeat the process for 2-4 weeks. You need to make sure that your tattoo is totally healed before leaving it as is. The process of cleaning and moisturizing the tattoo needs to go on for 2-4 weeks. Doing this, you are safe from any infection that may occur.
  • Do not pull any flaking skin out from your tattoo. You’ll notice flakes on the tattoo area. Leave it as is. Do not try to pull the flaking skin out. Once you pick the flakes out, you will have more chances of infecting the skin. This will lengthen the healing time. 
  • Minimize exposure to the sun. Always be mindful of your new tattoo. Stay away from the heat of the sun. Wait until it is healed before applying any sun lotion.
  • Keep away from water during the healing process. Anybody of water may contain contaminants that can irritate your tattooed skin area. Bacteria can damage your tattoo. It is advisable to take a quick shower. Wait until the tattoo is healed before taking a dip into the sea.
  • Taking care of your tattoo is a continuous process. Moisturising your skin does not end once the tattoo is healed. Always be mindful of your skin and keep it healthy.

Final Thoughts

Taking care of your new tattoo is essential to its healing process. These steps will help you heal faster. Make sure you follow the steps here. This is not short-term aftercare. You need to clean your body to keep your tattoo from any infection. 

If you want to get a tattoo, do it. But make sure to follow the instructions that your artist will tell you. You can get these easy tips as your guide.

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