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Hummingbird Tattoo Ideas

One tiny animal is making a big impact on the tattoo community – the Hummingbird. This cute and iconic bird has become a favorite subject not only by the ladies but by the gents as well. Eagles and falcons are getting a run for their money! This is a native bird in America and the name hummingbird comes from the humming sound of its wings as they flap on flight which can be audible to human ears. This is also the smallest specie of bird measuring 23 cm at the most. Their colorful feathers are products of territorial competition and courtship.

Meaning Behind The Bird

This tiny winged creature does not only pack cuteness and color but it is also a symbol of lightness of being and enjoyment of life. Even the Aztecs regard this little animal as a sacred sign of reincarnation and they are depicted on the Nazca lines. Hummingbirds also symbolize resilience as this tiny animal is capable of astounding feats in spite of its tiny frame. It can travel a great distance and even fly backward. Freedom, positivity and independence are a few other things that hummingbirds symbolize.  

That is why this bird has reached its icon status in the tattoo world. Too many versions of this bird had been inked on people’s skin and still counting. There are hundreds of different renderings created with the hummingbird as the subject. This has become a favorite for the ladies but surprisingly, even the males are getting attracted to this winged animal. Styles and sizes may vary but there will always be a special meaning to this tattoo.

Hummingbird Tattoo Ideas

There are a hundred different styles and design ideas that can be created with the Hummingbird. Whether in-flight or stationary, single or in flocks, there will always be a design to speak of your personality. Some go over the top with bold and bright colored designs while others just want the subtle monochromatic design. While most ladies prefer the vibrant and playful motifs, gents tend to choose the masculine style using geometric and tribal patterns.

Placement and size are other important factors to consider in getting the Hummingbird tattoo that you want. Whether you want a dramatic and bold tattoo or just a sweet and simple, you need to find that sweet spot on your skin to make sure that this little winged creature is showcased perfectly! To help you decide, here are some tips and creative ways to get this icon on your skin.

Tribal Hummingbird Tattoo

Bold dark lines of a tribal tattoo. Cute and dainty animal. Two things of stark contrast that does not seem to come together. But still, creative tattoo artists found a way to merge these two very distinct forms to create a tribal hummingbird tattoo. Bold dark lines, smooth curves and contours are fused together to form the shape of the Hummingbird. Tribal Hummingbird has become a favorite in the tattoo community because it signifies strength and courage. For ladies, this tattoo symbolizes confidence while still being in touch with their femininity. Each tribal hummingbird tattoo is unique. No two lines are the same and every curve is fit to the contour of your body.

Tribal Black Humming bird tattoo in Rib
Source: Instagram @jjdukharan

Realistic Hummingbird Tattoo

When it comes to details, realistic hummingbird tattoos bring home the price! They look so real that you can feel the feathers just by looking at it. This is one tattoo style that speaks of precision and commitment to detail. Either black and white or colored, realistic tattoo brings life to this creature inked on your skin.

Realistic Black&Grey Humming bird tattoo in Ankle
Source:[email protected]_kimria

Watercolor Hummingbird Tattoo

If you want color and vibrance, watercolor tattoo is perfect for you. Subtle color gradients and fading techniques are used to render the colorful wings and feathers of the Hummingbird. This tattoo style represents high-spirit and positive energy that is symbolized by the Hummingbird.

watercolor colorful hummingbird tattoo in leg
Source: Instagram @thejorell

Hummingbird Tattoo Placement

As mentioned earlier, placement is an important factor to consider in getting a tattoo. Our skin is the canvass and we are painting our skin permanently so it is important to make sure that the tattoo will sit perfectly on your body.

Once you have decided on the design that you want, you need to determine how visible or how subtle the appearance of the tattoo on your skin. This will help you to identify where you want the tattoo to be. Some would want to go bold and loud with a flock of Hummingbird on the chest, while others just want a minimal and hidden placement with a dainty little fellow on the wrist. The next step is to consider your design on your skin. Make sure that the design of your tattoo and the flow of your body will complement each other. Some tattoos look great where ever you place them in your body and luckily, the Hummingbird is one of them.

humming bird tattoo in hand
Source: Instagram @cartelodesa
tribal color pattern hummingbird
Source: Instagram @alejasepulvedatattoo

tribal color pattern hummingbird

A tribal hummingbird tattoo on your calf, or a realistic hummingbird tattoo on your chest, or just a small and minimalist bird behind your ear, the Hummingbird is a perfect fit. In case you have an existing tattoo, it is best to consider the placement of the new one in relation to the old one. You would not want your flying hummingbird to look like your old tiger tattoo is about to swallow it! Remember that we only have one canvass and we need to make sure the smooth transition from one tattoo to the other. 

Personal preference is also very important in choosing the position of the tattoo. But you also need to consider the opinion and advice of your tattoo artist. Remember that they are the expert on their craft and they can give you the best advice when it comes to this art.

Preparation and tips

Before getting a tattoo, you need to identify what is the reason behind getting a Hummingbird tattoo. Does this resonate with your personality? Does this represent your values and characteristics? Or simply just because this is your spirit animal? Whatever the reason is, make sure that you think about it and not rush into the excitement of getting that tattoo. Remember, tattoo is permanent and we only have one canvas so make it count.

After the mental preparation, you need to prepare physically. Make sure to clean your body and your skin before getting a tattoo. Remember that tattooing is a very hygienic practice. Also, you need to prepare the area where you want the tattoo inked. Try not to get heavy on skincare products on the day of the session. Take a good meal before you start and wear comfortable clothes. Stay hydrated and try not to be too excited or else you will not get a good night sleep for tomorrow’s session.

Average Pricing for Tattoo

The cost of a tattoo mostly depends on the size of the tattoo that you want. For a cute little Hummingbird tattoo with minor details, it will cost you around $50 – $100. For the big and colored Hummingbird tattoos, it will cost you around $150 – $200. Some shops charge on a per hour basis of about $150 – $200 per hour. So the more details you want for your Hummingbird tattoo, the more you will spend. It is best to book for an appointment and consultations to make sure that you are well-informed on the pricing.


Hummingbird tattoos are not going anywhere other than your skin! Make sure to understand the meaning behind this tattoo so you can decide the best design to suit your personality. The Hummingbird is not just a bird but a symbol of freedom, strength and positivity amongst many other things. And getting this permanently on your skin should not be a rushed decision but should be well-thought-out. Make sure to fully utilize the beauty of this bird. Too many designs and styles have been made with the Hummingbird as the subject but there will always be new and fresh ideas that will be perfect for each one of us!

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