Celebrity Ink™️ Tattoo Studio Lutwyche

Celebrity Ink™️ Tattoo Studio Lutwyche

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About Studio

We are the illustrators.

Our clients are the authors and creative visionaries.

Together, we tell stories to stand the test of time.

A tattoo is a mark of experience and personal philosophy. We are the conduit for our clients to forever leave their mark through storytelling. To leave a legacy.

We are much more than your average tattoo studio – Celebrity Ink™ is a trusted tattoo brand worldwide, meaning you can rely on us whether you’re in Australia, Thailand, Bali, Philippines, Sweden or any number of destination hot spots around the world.

We specialise in: Tattooing, Piercing, Cosmetic Tattooing, Tattoo Removal, Merchandise.

Our specialist tattoo services include: Watercolour, Neo Traditional, Geometric, Colour, Oriental, Mandala, Realism, Script, Traditional, Tribal, Portraits, Trash Polka.

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