Punktured Tattoos and Piercings Brisbane

Punktured Tattoos and Piercings Brisbane

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About Studio

When it comes to Tattooing & Body Piercing, we take particular pride in the level of expertise that we have acquired. You will find few other tattooing & piercing studios that take as much care and responsibility in the advice and service that they offer. We don’t shy away from the possibility of “losing a sale” because we recommend against a particular procedure or advise caution.

The Studios

  • They are regularly inspected by the health department and we take particular care in following correct procedures to ensure the cleanest possible studios.
  • We offer a sterile and comfortable environment. We are setting the benchmark for all other studios around Australia.
  • Every studio has Autoclave Sterilization and are run by friendly, experienced and caring staff who will offer aftercare advice and instructions before, during and after the piercing procedure.
  • We use brand new needles for every client
  • We offer an extensive range of body jewellery to choose from that is on display at each of our stores. If we don’t have exactly what you’re looking for we can usually order it in within a few days.

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