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When attending your tattoo appointment with the current challenges we face in protecting public health and controlling the spread of the covid-19 virus we need your help to insure we do our very best to insure everyone’s safety.

If you are experiencing any cold or flu like symptoms or have had contact with someone who has, you will not be permitted entry to the studio and we advise you to reschedule your appointment. Body temperature will be recorded by inferred thermometer prior to entry.

When arriving to the studio please make sure you attend alone. Only persons getting tattooed at that time will be permitted to entering the studio. Arrive on time, please don’t come early or late.

You will be greeted at the up stairs entry door of the studio. Please practise social distancing during your visit where possible. Hand sanatiser and hand washing stations will be readily available. Sanitising hands on entry to the studio will me mandatory.

You will be required to fill out your tattoo waiver as well as a coved-19 tracking form. Face masks will be required to be worn on entry to the studio. You may provide your own. One will be provided if you do not have one. Safe storage of personal belonging will be provided along with a clean cover for your phone, so that you can continue using the device.

Human contact will be kept to a minimum and we ask for greeting to be left to verbal only for the time.

Thanks Tattoo is committed to continuing our high standard of hygiene and would like to thank you in advance for following the rules of conduct that we have put in place to protect the heath of all involved. 

Kind regards

Thank Tattoo

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