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MVIII is a symbolic name to represent a death and a rebirth, the evolution of self, thoughts and understanding of life.

The M stands for Myles, an allusion to a former self.
VIII is the Roman numeral for 8.
To understand the significance of the number 8 it is necessary to first explain a personal understanding of the numbers 6 & 7.
Through synchronicity and numerous, correlating life experiences, i associate certain numbers with  spiritual/philosophical understandings. These associations are purely subjective however the core truths of them are not.

VI (6) :

6 represents ultimate, pure negative energy. The unstoppable, unavoidable force of death and destruction intrinsically built into life, the nature of existence and the universe.  This force has been personified by religion and named the Devil. We all know of the number 666, the mark of the beast. 6 is also known as a number of imperfection. In the bible 6 symbolizes the evils of Satan and the manifestation of sin. It’s the lower vibration and understanding of what is. Hate, evil, destruction, bad, death, immorality, we attribute all these words to negative energy because it is in our human programming to do so. We want to live, we want to grow so we fight against negative energy in order to do so.

VII (7):

7 represents ultimate, pure positive energy. The force of birth and growth that balances the other end of the spectrum of duality.  This force has been personified by religion and named God. Raising the vibration we reach a higher plane of the understanding of life. 7 is known as the number of perfection and completeness. There are 7 note names in music, 7 colours in the rainbow, 7th day of the week is the Sabbath day devoted to worship and many other links that, for me, connect 7 with creation. Love, happiness, growth, joy, delight, we attribute these words to positive energy because it aligns with our human will, the urge to live and procreate.

These two forces are what create life and the dualistic nature we perceive all around us. They are the laws of life simplified, from which all life stems. Like a computer that uses basic binary,  1’s and 0’s, on and off, to communicate a vast array of information, life uses negative and positive energy. Simplicity repeated to complexity.
After observing duality one eventually will see these two forces are not separate at all, they’re two necessary and eternal parts of a cycle of transformation and change.


8 symbolizes the unification of both negative and positive energy. The realization and understanding that both forces are in fact one force, just different ends of the same vibration.
8 is the being that is created from the merging of God and the Devil, the ultimate force of existence, the supreme being, the truth, the one, all of what is. Some have named this being Baphomet. Baphomet is a deity representing the sum total of the universe. From the perspective of 8 there is no longer good or evil, there is only what is. There is no duality. There is only the transformation of energy. There is only change. Humans exist in the realm of duality, it’s how we’ve learnt to integrate and live in this plane of existence. Using duality is how we’ve learnt to function here in the physical world, it’s what our morality is built off, what our language is based around, what our senses perceive and where our emotions stem from.  Looking outside of the human perspective, from the perspective of 8, we bypass our human egos, our wants, and accept the will and law of life, embracing what is and letting it be. We no longer fight against the will of life with the will of our mind. Using 8 we are able to see the will of life clearly. Without holding on and clutching to what we want, we let the flow of negative and positive energy pulse through us without any restrictions or walls. Conflict in our mind ceases to exist, as does pain and pleasure. In exchange it is replaced by stillness and clarity. Emotions are products of our egos, a selfish reaction to positive and negative energy. A by-product of our pursuit to attract positive energy and resist negative energy. The law of 8 is far stronger than the will of our mind/ego and regardless of our efforts to manifest our wants and manipulate our environment to fulfill our desires, lifes will is thrust upon us. 8 is the next paradigm. The next evolution of humankind will be an evolution of the mind not of the body.

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