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Wicked Ink was founded in 1998, is recognised for being instrumental in changing the tattoo industry and the general public’s perception on tattoo art.

We are located in the Western Suburbs of Sydney in Penrith. Our studio itself is also unique as it has eight private rooms, so that you can undergo your artistic journey in privacy and comfort of your own private space.

 We have 12 highly talented and experienced artists, who not only are mind blowingly creative but treat their customers with care and respect.   Whatever style you are interested in we have the artist to cater to it.  Whether it be a Portrait, Illustrative, New school, Neo-traditional, Traditional, Japanese, Black and grey realism, Colour realism, Bio Mechanical, Tribal/ Polynesian, Dot work/Stipple, or Intricate pattern designs.

Our work and impeccable reputation is widely known throughout Australia and as we guarantee our work our customers know they are in good hands.

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