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Tattoo Coverup

Memories fade, tattoos are forever, and so are regrets. The first time you do it, it is always exciting! But, tattoos are permanent marks, so be extra careful when choosing your designs. Follow its ideal estimated time for wrapping a fresh tattoo which is 4 6 hours at least, and make sure it looks good on you so that you won’t need a cover-up design after!


Never settle for less! If you wish a tattoo needle is pounding ink into your skin right now, and you don’t want to get rid of any unwanted tattoos, never settle for tattoos that have low prices or a tattoo studio that uses a bad quality of ink. It is one of the main causes of why people need a cover-up. If you ever have, find a trusted tattoo studio to do a cover-up work. 

Covering up your mess is costly and painful. You need lots of sessions to lighten an old tattoo. Each session is equivalent to 10%. So, it takes many sessions to lighten a tattoo by 30% for an effective cover-up. 


Tattoo Cover-ups Placement

You can place your tattoo cover-up design anywhere on your body as long as it fits with the old one. It’s gonna be a lot to cover-up, but your cover-up design does not need to be that much bigger to cover-up an old tattoo, correct placement is enough.


Your cover-up design will depend on your old tattoo. If your old tattoo is small and solid black, it’s much easier to cover-up. Your tattoo artist will place your cover-up design on top of your old tattoo and make sure that you cannot see what’s underneath it.


That’s how important tattoo cover-ups placement is. It’s like an illusion so that people will not see the old tattoo that’s being covered up.

Cover-Up Tattoo Colours

A dark color can cover-up almost every unwanted tattoo you have that you regret now, no matter how colorful or big the size of your tattoo is. It is a standard color to any tattoo studio to have an effective cover-up, mainly when the color that is being used is dark. 

The dark color is the best when doing a cover-up work because it is bold, unlike any other colors, it easily fades when being exposed to heat or when it’s being rubbed. 

You can still choose any other color you want, such as browns, oranges, greens, blues, and magentas. But, if you want to make your old tattoo look like a brand new one, choose a dark color cover-up design. 


Best Tattoo Cover-up designs and ideas

The dark color rose is the best when you need an effective cover-up for your unwanted tattoos. This cover-up design is overrated. 

Tadadada it’s the mother freaking D-O double G, Snoop Dogg! You can also choose your favorite rapper for an effective cover-up as a cover-up design.

Skull with flowers is also an awesome cover-up design. This is still an in-progress work of my brother.

An abstract-like forming a lion face design is also an effective cover-up.

Examples of Cover-Up Tattoos

This is the cover-up work of my older brother. His customer chose a dark color cover-up design for his old tattoo so that it will be much easier for my brother to cover it all up. Plus, his old tattoo is already faded which is an advantage.

This is also a cover-up work of my brother. As you can see, the cover-up design is much bigger compared to the original tattoo, and he still uses a dark color design which is a rose with a face for it to be easier to match the new ink with the old one for a cover-up.

Another example of an effective cover-up was done by my brother. The cover-up design is bolder than the old tattoo, looking fresh and brand new by using the whiteout technique. 

You can really see the difference between the before and after pictures. This is the beauty of a cover-up work.

Using Colours of Ink in Tattoo Cover-ups

It is impossible to use light colors to cover-up a dark color tattoo. It’s like once you go black, you can never go back. It also takes more time to cover-up a colored tattoo compared to a solid dark color. Using a dark color to cover-up your black tattoo is easier because the old ink and the new ink will both match. The white out technique is common to tattoo artists, and they use this to add designs if they need to cover-up a solid black tattoo. 

Frequently Ask Questions:

How does coverup work?

A cover-up works when your old tattoo and your cover-up design combine, creating a new color as a result. The color of the new ink does not merely go on top of the color of your old tattoo, but rather the old and new will be mixed and it will create a new color. Such as, when blue and red are being mixed, it turns to purple underneath your skin. That is why it is easier to cover-up an old tattoo using a dark color if it is a solid black. If you will choose a cover-up design, a dark color is an effective cover-up. 

Can coverup change tattoo color only?

Changing the color of your old tattoo is possible, and it can be done using dark color inks. But, a cover-up does not only change the color of your old tattoo. It depends on your cover-up design on how you want it to get done, colored or not. 

You are responsible for your style! It is up to you if you want the color of your old tattoo to stay as it is or make it colorful after. Your tattoo artist is only there to do the job, making sure he meets your expectations and demands for you to flaunt your art. 

Does a coverup tattoo fade?

A cover-up tattoo fades because your body absorbs the ink of your tattoo as mineral irons, and it will break down as time passes. Your fresh tattoo is considered an open wound; if you scratch it when it itches during the healing process, the cover-up design will be damaged and more likely fade. 

A fresh new tattoo fades over time no matter how much you take good care of it, how much more a cover-up tattoo, especially if it is a colored cover-up design. However, the fading speed varies depending on your lifestyle, sun exposure, aftercare, quality of ink, etc. 

How many sessions are needed to fade a tattoo for coverup?

To have an effective cover-up, it takes 3-4 or more sessions to fade a tattoo for a cover-up. It is a long process because the tattoo artist will make sure that the color of your old tattoo will match the ink of your new tattoo. He makes sure that the old tattoo will be all covered with the new one making it not visible. 

It is not an easy job because it will take more time to achieve the effects, shades, and details of your cover-up design. You also need to ready yourself. Make sure that you can bear the pain to lessen the sessions. Fewer sessions, the better because it means less pain. 

No need to worry if you ever made a mistake in choosing the right design and placement of your tattoo, or when your tattoo design does not turn out the way you had expected it, because you have another option which is a cover-up work to get rid of your unpleasantly surprised tattoo result. No need to be ashamed because this is very common for people with tattoos. 

This is not advisable, but it is your only chance to make things right and the only option for your unwanted tattoos to make it disappear on your body. Still, never allow yourself to abuse your skin, no matter how effective cover-up is. You have to choose the right design, make decisions carefully, and think about it.






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