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20 Best Tattoo Ideas For Men You Need Right Now

When it comes to expressing oneself, there are several mediums to go. One form of expression is through getting a tattoo. While it is easy to get inked, it can be challenging to get the best tattoo types. 

To make it easier, here some of the best tattoo ideas for men that you may need right now. 

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Tribal Tattoo

One of the oldest tattoo styles is the tribal tattoo. It goes back to centuries ago. A tribal tattoo has meaning. You need to make sure to get the best and know exactly what the design means. To know what it means will make it more beautiful. A tribal tattoo can be big or small. It is perfect on any part of your body.

Blackwork Tribal Style tattoo in arm
Source:[email protected]

Ambigram Tattoo

Another cool ink is the ambigram style. It is a tattoo style using words with unique lettering. You can read the same word from any angle. An ambigram tattoo is best placed on body parts that are exposed. If you want someone to read it might as well show it.

Ambigram Style tattoo in arm
Source:[email protected]_es

Black & Grey Tattoo

Black and Gray tattoo style is one of the classics. You can have several designs for this tattoo style. When you get a black and grey tattoo, it costs less yet you still get the best out of your body. For the artist, this type is faster to finish.

Black&Grey Style woman tattoo at the back
Source:[email protected]

Irezumi Tattoo

A more detailed tattoo style is the Irezumi Tattoo. This style involves koi fish, cherry blossoms, or any other mythical Japanese creatures. The Irezumi tattoo style often tells a story. This style is more colourful. The artist needs to prepare ahead of time.

Irezumi Style Snake tattoo in body
Source:[email protected]

Celtic Tattoo

Knots are distinct for this tattoo style. This body art was common to Celtic warriors. It was a sign of strength. This style has an intricate design. Some of the Celtic tattoo designs are colourful depending on the person. This can be inked at any part of your body.
Celtic Cross Style tattoo in arm
Source:[email protected]

Anime Tattoo

Anime or Cartoon Tattoo style is famous among animation and cartoon character fans. Their cartoon heroes are inked on their bodies. This is a unique tattoo style. It can be colourful depending on what you want. For anime lovers, most of the time, the character heroes are tattooed on their bodies. 

Anime Style Woman&Skeleton tattoo at the back
Source:[email protected]_tattoos

Portrait Tattoo

Immortalise a loved one through body art. Portrait Tattoo involves inking the pictures of anybody to your body. It can be someone in your family or it can be a hero you look up to. If you want to keep a portrait of your child forever, a Portrait tattoo style may be the best way to go. 

Portrait Style of Lebron James tattoo in arm
Source:[email protected]

Outline Tattoo

If you want to keep it simple yet meaningful, you can opt for an Outline Tattoo style. It may be simple yet this style can depict a strong message for you. An Outline Tattoo is best on any body part. 

Outline Style Flower tattoo in arm
Source:[email protected]

Negative Space Tattoo

Here’s another bold tattoo style. The skin is the subject of this tattoo style. The artist draws a design and uses the skin for the lighter shade of the art. It is playing with the images in reverse. It is unique. The best design for this style is a full sleeve.  

Mandala Tattoo

Composed of shapes and symbols, the Mandala Tattoo style starts from a circle. This body art is meant to symbolise balance. This is a unique design that needs a lot of preparation. This tattoo style needs patience since it is very detailed. You can have a Mandala tattoo on your chest. It definitely will look good.

Blackwork Mandala Style tattoo in leg
Source:[email protected]_dot

Line Tattoo

This style is very basic yet symbolic. The Line Tattoo style is minimalist. You get a design that’s not so intricate. The subject here is the lines to emphasise your body art. This may be very simple but if done right, this style stands out. 

Line Style Triangle tattoo in arm
Source:[email protected]_tattooer

Lettering Tattoo

Express yourself through words. Lettering Tattoo style uses words to let you get the message across. There are different lettering styles that you can choose. You can choose a quote or words as your design. This style can be placed on any part of your body. It is simple yet a strong one. 

Script Style Lettering tattoo in head
Source:[email protected]_tattoo

Hyper-Realistic Tattoo

A tattoo style that’s taken out from a photo. The Hyper-Realistic Tattoo takes an expert to do. It is a detailed design. The shading and colors are defined. You want this tattoo style to stand out. This tattoo style takes time to do. Yet the result can be stunning. It is worth the wait. 

Realistic Style Lady tattoo in arm
Source:[email protected]


Dotwork Tattoo

A unique tattoo style, Dotwork is made of fine dots when examined closely. Instead of the regular lines & shades, this style is a series of dots formed into an image. The design stands out. It takes a tattoo expert to perfect this tattoo style. You can have this tattooed anywhere on your body. 

Dotwork Style tattoo in leg
Source:[email protected]

Blackwork Tattoo

Make your tattoo design stand out with a Blackwork Tattoo style. It is bold and looks solid. Blackwork tattoos are unique. If you want something that is creative and bold, then you can opt for a Blackwork Tattoo style. This can be positioned in any body part. It definitely is a work of art. 

black work tattoo in leg
Source : Instagram @dariotattooarte

Anatomical Tattoo

If you are a fan of body anatomy, then this tattoo style is perfect. The Anatomical Tattoo style uses any body part as the subject of the design. You do not need to be a medical practitioner to have this tattoo style. You can always express what you want using human anatomy. 

Anatomical Style of Uterus tattoo in arm
Source:[email protected]

Abstract Tattoo

Express it through an Abstract Tattoo style. This style is an intense expression of something. Like the abstract painting, it depicts something personal. The artist need not follow a certain pattern. An abstract tattoo style is unique. It is bold. This style is usually very colourful depending on the subject of the design.

Abstract Style of Colorful Space tattoos in arm
Source:[email protected]_tattooer

3D Tattoo

Take your tattoo to a new level. The 3D Tattoo style makes your design stand out. The designs you want can be made three dimensional by tattoo experts. This style is new and is mostly done by artists these days. The 3D Tattoo style is worth a try. Make your design come to life with this tattoo style. 

3D Style of UFO tattoo in arm
Source:[email protected]


Bio mechanical Tattoo

Here’s a special tattoo style. Biochemical Tattoo features gears, wires, or metal pieces. If you are fond of the technical stuff, this style may be the right one for you. The Biomechanical Tattoo can be colourful or just plain black & grey. This can be done in the 3D version. 

Biochemical Style tattoo in neck
Source:[email protected]

Broken Glass Tattoo

Show-off a broken glass illusion for your tattoo. Broken glass is the subject of this tattoo style. This style can be placed over an existing tattoo design. The Broken Glass Tattoo style creates a 3D effect. Perfect on any body part.

Broken Glass Blackwork Style tattoo in arm
Source:[email protected]


Final Thoughts

A tattoo is a great expression. You just need to know what tattoo style you want. These tattoo styles are great ideas for men’s tattoos. Find a great tattoo design and get inked now.

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