flower tattoo on womens collar bone

Beautiful Flower Tattoo Ideas for Women

A flower tattoo is a beautiful and popular choice for many people. Flowers are associated with a variety of things, such as love, hope, and new beginnings. They can also represent specific meanings, such as a rose for love or a lily for purity. 

Whether you choose a single flower or a bouquet, your flower tattoo is sure to be stunning. Check our list of the best flower tattoo designs for women.

Lotus Flower Tattoos

The lotus flower is a symbol of beauty, purity, and new beginnings. It’s also seen as a symbol of the sun and rebirth. Because of its many positive definitions, a lotus tattoo can represent a variety of things. For some, a lotus flower tattoo may represent their spiritual journey or beliefs. For others, it may be a reminder to stay strong through tough times. No matter what the meaning is behind it, a lotus tattoo is sure to be beautiful and eye-catching.

Beautiful lotus tattoo by chili chilita
Lotus tattoo by sukza art
Amazing lotus tattoo on back by anais chabane

Daisy Tattoo

The Daisy flower is associated with simplicity, innocence, and purity and it is a symbol of love and beauty. Out of many different designs, most women get this beautiful tattoo on their ankle or wrist, while others opt for larger designs that cover their entire back or chest. No matter what size or style you choose, a daisy tattoo is sure to add some extra beauty to your body.

Cute daisy tattoo on finger by pureum tattoo
Daisy fineline tattoo work by nieun tat2
Beautiful daisy tattoo by sozil tattoo

Orchid Tattoo

Orchid tattoos are some of the most popular designs for women. The orchid is a symbol of beauty, femininity, and grace. It can be small and delicate, or large and bold. They can be simple or complex. No matter what style you choose, an orchid tattoo is sure to conversation starter.

Coloured orchid tattoo by frommay tat
Fine line Orchid tattoo by lauvaan
Amazing orchid tattoo by lanarae.tattoo

Roses Tattoos

Rose flower tattoos are the most popular tattoo among all flower tattoos. It is recognized as a symbol of love and beauty. It holds a lot of meaning behind it. If you are the type of woman who wants a tattoo that symbolizes love, strength, or both, a rose tattoo is a great choice. The ankle and behind the ears are great body placements for a rose tattoo. If you want to get a unique tattoo then try black rose.

Cute rose tattoo on wrist by guseul tattoo
Fine line rose tattoo by

Aster Flower Design Tattoo

The Aster flower is associated with the moon for centuries and is an ancient symbol of love, fertility, and protection. This tattoo usually features a large, colorful aster flower with green leaves. The aster flower is a unique symbol of love and beauty and a beautiful way to express your individuality. Aster flowers are typically small and delicate, making them perfect for small and intricate designs

Aster Flower tattoo on arm by tatttoo joojoo
Colored aster flower tattoo on shoulder by plette.tt
Aster flower tattoo on arm with butterfly by joeysneedle

Wildflower Tattoo Design Ideas

This tattoo is a combination of flowers and beautiful motifs. It is more attractive and unique. You can go for a realistic design, or something more abstract. You can also incorporate other elements into your tattoos, such as leaves or branches. No matter what you choose, a wildflower tattoo is sure to be beautiful and unique.

Colorful flower tattoo by abii tattoo

Lavender Flower Tattoos

Lavender flowers are associated with love and romance and very popular choice for women and also a popular choice for tattoos. The delicate blooms are incredibly beautiful, and the meaning behind them is also very positive. Lavender flowers represent purity, serenity, and elegance, making them the perfect choice for a tattoo that will have deep personal meaning. If you’re thinking about getting a lavender flower tattoo, be sure to choose a design that really speaks to your personality. There are endless possibilities when it comes to lavender flower tattoos, so take your time and find the perfect one.

Lavender Flower tattoo by giangtran.recycle
Amazing lavender tattoo on arm by smalltownink libbiealyse
Beautiful lavender tattoo by marte.ink

Sunflower Tattoo

A sunflower tattoo is a great choice for those who want a tattoo that is both beautiful and meaningful. The sunflower is a symbol of happiness, strength, and hope. Sunflower tattoos can be designed in a variety of styles, from realistic to abstract. No matter what style you choose, a sunflower tattoo is sure to bring a smile to your face. 

Sunflower tattoo with infinity sign by mood bkk
Realistic sunflower tattoo by jehlickou
Sunflower tattoo on arm by crush.on .line

Peony Flower Tattoo

Peony tattoos can be found in varieties of colors and the most common are reds, pinks, purples, blues, greens, and whites. The peony flower is incredibly beautiful, with its large petals and delicate colors. Make your peony a more stunning tattoo by adding other elements such as butterflies or birds. If you’re looking for a tattoo that is both feminine and pretty, a peony tattoo is definitely the way to go.

Peony Flower tattoo on thigh by crush.on .line
Peony tattoo by tattoobyjeein
Peony tattoo on arm by rose a line.tattoo

Cherry Blossom Tattoos

Cherry blossom is a symbol of beauty and peace very popular choice for flower tattoos. These delicate blooms are associated with springtime and new beginnings, making them a perfect symbol of hope and renewal. And while cherry blossoms can be enjoyed in person during the brief window when they’re in bloom, a tattoo ensures that you can enjoy their beauty all year round.

Beautiful cherry blossom flower with music sign by gigi tattooer
Cherry blossom tattoo by peria tattoo
Beautiful cherry blossom tattoo on full arm by seolheetattoo

Hibiscus Flower Tattoo

A Hibiscus flower tattoo is a beautiful and exotic way to express your individuality. The Hibiscus is a tropical flower that comes in many colors, making it a popular choice for those who want a colorful tattoo. The meaning of the Hibiscus flower tattoo can vary depending on the color of the flower, but generally it represents beauty, femininity, and grace.

Beautiful hibiscus tattoo with turtle by karinamadz.tattoo
Colored flower tattoo on arm by bryan.gee

Yellow Flower Tattoo

Yellow flowers are often associated with happiness, sunshine, and positive vibes. So it’s no wonder that a yellow flower tattoo is often seen as a symbol of optimism, good fortune, and joy. If you’re looking for a tattoo that represents all things happy and bright, then a yellow flower tattoo may be the perfect design for you.

Beautiful yellow flower tattoo by gami ttt
Flower tattoo on arm by vane.tattoo
Small flower and butterfly by mika tattoos

Jasmine Flower Tattoo

A jasmine flower tattoo is a beautiful and feminine choice for a tattoo design. The delicate flowers are often associated with love and romance, making them a popular choice for couples or those in search of a tattoo with meaning. Jasmine flowers can be found in a variety of colors, from white to yellow to pink, making them versatile for use in any design. 

Black ink jasmine tattoo by tory tattooer
Colored jasmine tattoo by fatihodabas
Jasmine tattoo on thigh by studiobysol

Camellias Flower Tattoos

Camellias are a beautiful type of flower that is often used in tattoo designs. They are symbols of grace and elegance and can be seen in many different colors. Camellias make for very pretty tattoos, and they can be placed in a variety of locations on the body.

Camellias tattoo with crescent moon by perai tattoo
Beautiful flower tattoo by perai tattoo
Beautiful camellias flower tattoo on leg by perai tattoo

Frangipani Tattoo

Frangipani tattoos are popular for their unique and exotic look. The frangipani flower is native to tropical regions, and its striking appearance makes it a popular choice for tattoos. The tattoo can be simple or complex design, and they are often combined with other elements to create a beautiful and eye-catching design.

Cute flower tattoo by die monde
Cute frangipanii flower tattoo on arm by fatihodabas

Chrysanthemum Tattoo

A chrysanthemum tattoo is a beautiful and unique way to show your love for this flower. The chrysanthemum is known for its delicate beauty, and a tattoo of this flower can represent that. This tattoo can also symbolize strength and resilience, as the chrysanthemum is known for being able to withstand harsh conditions. Whether you choose a small and simple design or a large and detailed one, a chrysanthemum tattoo is sure to make a statement. 

Beautiful flower tattoo on arm sleeve nu junkie oriental
Chrysanthemum flower tattoo on shoulder by gush.like .kush
FLower tattoo by sou.ttt

Orchids in Full Bloom TattooDesigns

The orchid flower is one of the most beautiful flowers on earth. The combination of pink, purple and white colors makes it a perfect tattoo for girls. It also symbolizes purity, love, and friendship among women. 

Dark inked flower tattoo by e.nal .tattoo
Orchid flower tattoo by e.bin ink

Flower of Life Tattoo

The Flower of Life is a sacred symbol found in many traditions and cultures around the globe. It is said to represent the cycle of life, death, and rebirth. Some belief it to be a symbol of the divine and universal order. Many people choose to get the Flower of Life tattooed on their bodies as a way to connect with this powerful energy. Most people get this tattoo on their back or chest.

Flower of life tattoo by
Flower of tattoo on back by dd verba
Amazing flower of life flower tattoo on back by akkurat tattoo

Gardenia Tattoo

Gardenias are beautiful flowers that symbolize purity, grace, and elegance which are associated with feminine energy, making them perfect for women who want a tattoo that represents their femininity. Ankle and wrist are the popular body part placement for gardenia tattoos. Adding other elements that include multiple flowers, leaves, and stems make a beautiful and unique floral tattoo

Beautiful gardenia tattoo on arm by bryan.gee
Black inked flower tattoo by pettattoo.salmon
Fineline flower tattoo by goyotattooart

Sternum Flower Tattoo

A sternum flower tattoo is a beautiful and unique way to show your love for flowers. This type of tattoo is usually placed on the chest, between the breasts. Sternum flower tattoos are very popular among women and are a great way to show your feminine side. They can be small and delicate or large and colorful. No matter what size or color you choose, a sternum flower tattoo is sure to turn heads. 

Fine line flower tattoo by seu.real
Flower tattoo on chest by sera.sacli

Traditional Flower Tattoo

Amazing Traditional flower tattoo by daniturkeysammie
Colorful traditional flower tattoo on arm by friedrich heyden
Beautiful flower tattoo on leg by isabellmira.tattoo

Lily Tattoos

Lily tattoos are incredibly popular as they are beautiful and have a wide range of meanings, making them perfect for any tattoo design. Whether you want a tattoo that represents love, hope, or new beginnings, a lily flower tattoo is a great option. 

Beautiful colored flower tattoo by donghwa tattoo
Lily tattoo on wrist by tavi tattoo

Japanese Flower Tattoo

Japanese flower tattoos are incredibly beautiful, and they have a long history in Japanese culture. Flower tattoos were traditionally used to mark important life events, such as births, marriages, and funerals. Today, they are still popular among Japanese people, and many people choose to get them to commemorate their own personal histories.

Japanese flower tattoos often incorporate other elements of Japanese culture, such as samurai warriors or koi fish. They can be large or small, colorful or black and white. No matter what form they take, they are always stunning works of art.

Japanese flower tattoo by rasenk
Amazing flower tattoo on arm by ubik tattoo
Full arm flower tattoo by dani ibrl

Small flower tattoo ideas for women

Small flower tattoo designs are very popular among women. They are often chosen for their delicate and feminine look. Flower tattoos can be placed on any part of the body, but they are often seen on the ankles, wrists, shoulders, behind the ear, and finger 

Cute flower tattoo by zoeylinink

Watercolor Flower Tattoo

Watercolor flower tattoos are some of the most beautiful and delicate tattoos you can get. They look best when done in a light, pastel color palette and often incorporate other elements like leaves or vines. Watercolor flower tattoos can be small and dainty or large and dramatic – it all depends on your personal style. If you’re looking for a tattoo that is both unique and feminine, a watercolor flower tattoo is a perfect choice. 

Colorful flower tattoo by eva tattooist
Small and simple flower tattoo by tattoo olive u

Simple Flower Tattoo

A simple flower tattoo is a great choice if you’re looking for a small, delicate design. Flower tattoos can be inked in a variety of colors, making them versatile and unique. If you’re considering a flower tattoo, take the time to research different designs and find one that speaks to you. Most simple designs are custom designed so ask your tattoo artist to make one for you.

Simple flower tattoo by inkoma.tattoo
Beautiful flower tattoo by
Simple line flower tattoo on arm by alejo tats

Realistic Flower Tattoo

Realistic flower tattoos are usually large and detailed and can take many hours to complete. They are typically done in shades of black and grey, but can also be done in color. Realistic flower tattoos can be placed on any part of the body, but are often seen on the back, chest, thigh or arms.

Realistic flower tattoo by violka tattoo
Flower tattoo on arm by unique.art tattoo

Iris Flower Tattoos

The Iris flower is the most popular and beautiful of flowers and it can make a beautiful and unique addition to any tattoo collection. The Iris is a symbol of hope, faith, and wisdom, making it a popular choice for those who want to express themselves through their body art. The iris flower tattoo can be used to represent many different things; it can represent a person’s identity or even simply a reminder of their past. These tattoos can be designed in a variety of different ways, from simple and elegant to colorful and complex. No matter what your style, an iris tattoo is sure to stand out. 

Iris flower tattoo by eva tattooist
Watercolor iris tattoo by sarina.tattoo

Violet Flower Tattoo

The color violet is known as purple which represents royalty or nobility and popular flower tattoo, and it’s not hard to see why. They’re incredibly beautiful, and their meaning – which includes love, faithfulness, and wisdom – makes them even more special. If you’re thinking about getting a violet flower tattoo, know that you’ll be in good company – they’re one of the most popular choices for floral tattoos.

Violet tattoo by firat.tattooink
Cute violet tattoo on wrist by jehlickou
Beautiful violet tattoo by miamelleo tattoo

Butterfly and Flower Tattoo

Butterfly and flower tattoos are two of the most popular tattoo designs for women. They are both feminine and pretty, and they can be combined in a variety of ways to create a unique and beautiful tattoo. Butterfly tattoos are often seen as symbols of transformation, change, and new beginnings, while flowers represent love, beauty, and femininity. When combined, these two designs can create a stunning and meaningful tattoo that is perfect for any woman who wants to show her feminine side. 

Beautiful flower tattoo with butterfly by tattooist jammy.j
Amazing tattoo on arm by inkrow tattoo
Flower tattoo with butterfly on rm by woni plant

Flower Heart Tattoo

This tattoo is of a flower heart. A flower heart tattoo can symbolize many different things, depending on who you ask. It might represent love and affection, or it could represent beauty, strength, purity, innocence, faithfulness, or femininity.

Flower tattoo with heart by ricardogtattoo
Fineline flower tattoo in heart shape by tattoo.choi

Forearm flower tattoo  

Forearm flower tattoos can be small and delicate or large and bold. They can be simple or detailed. You can choose any color or combination of colors that you like. You can also have multiple flowers in your design.

Before you decide on a final design, it is important to consult with a tattoo artist to discuss your options. The artist will be able to help you choose a design that is right for you and your lifestyle.

Amazing flower tattoo on forearm by jardin.de .sam
Forearm tattoo by kit.ink
Lotus tattoo with star on arm by orma tattoo

Flower Tattoo On Thigh

A flower tattoo on the thigh is a beautiful and feminine way to show off your body art. The design can be small and delicate, or large and bold – it’s up to you! Different flowers symbolize different meanings, so you can choose a design that represents something special to you. Whether you want a tattoo that is pretty and girly or something with more spiritual meaning, a flower thigh tattoo is a great option.

Amazing flower tattoo on thigh by marine ishigo
flower tattoo by tattoo artist silva

Image source – All the images are from Instagram and the source is mentioned in the caption. Featured image @max.solarink

Disclaimer: This tattoo collection is for inspiration only. Please do not copy the artwork. If you love these tattoos, follow artists and show them some support

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