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27 Dragon Tattoo Ideas

Nowadays, tattoo choices for women and men are getting bigger and wider.  But dragon tatoo is one of the favorites among women. There are many dragon tattoo ideas for both. You can do a sexy back dragon tattoo or an intimidating dragon eye tattoo. You can also do a cute one on the wrist or behind the ear. Whatever dragon tattoo design you have in mind, a good tattoo artist can bring it to life. Here are 27 of the best dragon tattoo ideas to inspire your next tattoo.

Full dragon tattoo

Let us start our list with the classic dragon tattoo. The full-bodied dragon tattoo in its full glory from the head to the tips of its tail. You will need a big canvas like the back for this kind of impressive tattoo.

Dragon head tattoo

The dragon head tattoo is a popular dragon tattoo idea for women and for men as well. It might be just one part of the dragon’s body but this is surely one eye-catching design. The detail of the eyes and the face brings power to this tattoo.

Chinese dragon tattoo

Dragons are an important part of Chinese culture. It is a revered mythical creature that symbolizes power, good luck and strength. The main feature of a Chinese dragon tattoo is its five toes. 

Japanese dragon tattoo

We often see gangster women from Japanese movies with huge dragon tattoos on their backs. And who will not get impressed? The main feature of a Japanese dragon is its 3 toes and the angry expression on its face.

Red dragon tattoo

Dragon tattoo in women symbolizes strength, grace and intelligence. The red color symbolizes passion, love and strength. This tattoo looks extremely sexy if the placement matches the contour of a woman’s body.

Yin-yang dragon tattoo

Yin and yang in the Chinese culture signifies two opposing forces that are still interconnected to each other. In popular culture, this symbol means a balance of good and evil. 

Dragon and flower tattoo

Dragon and flowers are two words that do not seem to fit together. But not in the tattoo world. The dragon and flower tattoo symbolize femininity and passion. A very feminine yet powerful tattoo.

Dragon and tiger tattoo

Dragon and tiger are two important creatures in the Asian culture. Both mighty creatures symbolize strength and power. This tattoo can also mean yin and yang – a balance of two opposing powers.

Dragon and phoenix tattoo

The dragon is a symbol of power and strength while the phoenix symbolizes feminine beauty. Combine these two mythical creatures in one artwork and you will get a truly magical tattoo.

Fire breathing dragon

A fire-breathing dragon tattoo is one impressive tattoo. It shows power and dominance and is truly an intimidating piece of art. Imagine this tattoo on your back and feel like a boss.

Flaming dragon tattoo

Flames and dragons are two things that seem to fit well with each other. Thanks to childhood fairytales of fierce fire-breathing dragons protecting the kingdom. Put it in your skin and you will have a kickass tattoo that symbolizes great power and strength.

Medieval dragon tattoo

This is another tattoo design idea that sprouts from the imagination. From stories of war and battle from our childhood adventure books. A medieval dragon tattoo symbolizes strength, power and independence. 

Dragon scale tattoo

For a different kind of dragon tattoo, do a dragon scale tattoo. This tattoo idea is a creative way to show your love for this mythical creature. You can do the dragon scales in different areas of your body to have the appearance of a half-woman and half-dragon.

Dragon eye tattoo

Seeing a dragon eye tattoo staring back at you will make you feel uncomfortable. It has a creepy and scrutinizing look to it. Thanks to the impressive details that your tattoo artist put into this work of art.

Dragon Ball-Z tattoo

If you never wished to have your own dragon balls then you need a new childhood. From the epic Dragon Ball-Z, this iconic anime has inspired many tattoo designs, the Dragon Ball is one of the favorites.

Baby dragon tattoo

Channel your inner Queen Daenerys and be a dragon mother with a baby dragon tattoo. Only you get a cute and lovable dragon. But who doesn’t want a cute dragon that melts everyone’s heart?

Dragon in flight tattoo

One dragon tattoo idea for women that is best done in 3D style is the dragon in flight tattoo. This tattoo design in 3D gives the 2D tattoo life and motion.

Dragon wing tattoo

We all wanted to have wings, but for fierce and strong women, I bet they would want a dragon wing tattoo. The best place for this tattoo is at the back, at the shoulder blade area. This placement of the dragon wing complements the movement of the shoulder blade. 

Dragon claw with scratch tattoo

Just by looking at this tattoo, you can already feel the pain inflicted by the dragon claw. A skillful tattoo artist can make anyone looking at this tattoo feel the power and strength of this creature.

Tribal dragon tattoo

A tribal dragon tattoo symbolizes a spiritual connection with nature. The dragon tattoo idea for women is best placed on the side of the rib cage for a sexy tattoo. Or behind the ears for a more subtle artwork.

Colored dragon tattoo

There are many different ways to do impressive colored dragon tattoos for women. You can do a full-back tattoo, just like the Asian women in gangster movies. Or a cute watercolor dragon tattoo that you can match with your BFF. Or a dragon surrounded with flowers for a feminine touch.

3D dragon tattoo

2D dragon tattoos are already impressive. But do it in 3D tattoo style and you get a different level of impressive artwork. No matter what your dragon tattoo subject is, a 3D tattoo style will make it come to life.

Arm dragon tattoo

There are many bold and brave women who cover their arms and sleeve with the artwork. And a dragon tattoo is always on top of the list when it comes to arm tattoos. Thanks to its impressive, mystical and magical appeal that captures women’s artistic sie.

Back dragon tattoo

The back is a good place to have a big yet sexy tattoo. The tattoo should complement the natural curves of a woman’s body. A dragon tattoo at the back sends a powerful message of a woman’s independence and strong personality.

Leg dragon tattoo

The leg is a good place for a vertical tattoo. The shape of a dragon’s long body is a perfect fit for this area. You can do a sinuous dragon in motion or a floating dragon with its body wrapped around your leg.

Shoulder dragon tattoo

 The shoulders are the most common part of the body to get a tattoo. Not only does it offer a good canvas space, but it also offers a good view of your impressive tattoo. But if you are not in the mood to flaunt your tattoo, you can always cover it with long sleeves.

Wrist dragon tattoo

The wrist may be a small space for a majestic creature like the dragon but this does not stop dragon enthusiasts to get inked in this area. A small dragon or a baby dragon is a good tattoo for this body part. You can also call your BFF to get a matching wrist dragon tattoo. 


Where is the best area to get a dragon tattoo?

Every part of the body is a good place for a dragon tattoo. Dragon wings are best inked at the back while a baby dragon tattoo fits best on the wrist. 

Are dragon tattoos for women?

Many women are now getting themselves inked with a dragon tattoo. There are many different styles and subjects to create a dragon tattoo depending on the meaning that they want to convey.

What does a dragon tattoo mean for women?

Dragon tattoos symbolize strength, power, grace and intelligence. They also mean passion, fearlessness and wisdom.


Getting a dragon tattoo can be very symbolic. It can mean many different things to the person wearing it. It has a mysterious and magical feeling about it that other tattoo subjects don’t. What started as a mythical character in books and films is now translated as a work of art in the skin. Undoubtedly, a dragon tattoo is one impressive piece of art.

Image source – All the images are from Instagram and the source is mentioned in the caption. Featured image @modoink_vivi

Disclaimer: This tattoo collection is for inspiration only. Please do not copy the artwork. If you love these tattoos, follow artists and show them some support

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