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45 Impressive Elephant Tattoo Design Ideas For Men and Women

Elephants are the largest mammals in the animal kingdom. But even with their size, these animals are often seen as cute and lovable creatures. These are only a few of the outstanding qualities of the elephant that makes them very much a desirable subject for meaningful elephant tattoo ideas. Elephant tattoos symbolize wisdom, strength, loyalty and good luck. They also symbolize wealth, happiness and spiritual well-being. Here are 45 elephant tattoo ideas to inspire the next piece of art on your skin.

White elephant tattoo

The white elephant is an important image in Hinduism and Buddhism. It represents purity and wisdom. A white elephant tattoo also symbolizes fertility making it a favorite amongst women. 

Lone elephant tattoo

There are many ways to do a lone elephant tattoo. You can do it big or small, black and white or colored. No matter the tattoo style, a lone elephant tattoo design will always be a meaningful one.

Small elephant tattoo

Small and elephant are two words that do not seem to mix. But not in the tattoo community. If you want a cute and lovable elephant tattoo, do one on your wrist. Or a small elephant face tattoo on your arm. 

Big elephant tattoo

When we say elephant the first thing that comes to mind is its size. And what best way to ink a mighty creature but in a large format. Get your big elephant tattoo on your back or on your chest.

Elephant head tattoo

The elephant head tattoo gives us a close-up of the face of this gentle giant. What makes this tattoo impressive is the fine details of the face, the ears and the trunk. This tattoo symbolizes wisdom and enlightenment.

Mother and baby elephant tattoo

A mother and baby elephant tattoo is a symbol of maternal love. This cute and endearing tattoo is a favorite amongst mothers and husbands who want to honor their child and the mother of their child.

Baby elephant tattoo

There is no other way to describe a baby elephant other than cute. Translate their overflowing cuteness to a tattoo and you get an adorable baby elephant tattoo.

Elephant family tattoo

The elephant family tattoo is inspired by the kinship of this species. The elephants are family-oriented and even mourn for the loss of a family member, making this tattoo a meaningful artwork.

Herd of elephant tattoo

A herd of elephants in one line is a popular elephant tattoo design. This symbolizes loyalty to the family. Elephants are known to be family-oriented animals so it is not surprising that this tattoo idea is on our list.

Half-elephant face tattoo 

A half-elephant face tattoo is a good elephant tattoo idea for a big vertical canvas like the arm and the leg. It can also be paired with another animal, but it can also stand on its own.

Elephant skull tattoo

If you want to show a darker and more terrifying elephant tattoo, get an elephant skull tattoo. An elephant skull tattoo done in black and grey gives a feeling of darkness and reminds us of our mortality. 

Dumbo elephant tattoo

Who doesn’t remember the blue cute and cuddly baby elephant of our childhood? We all grew up watching Dumbo. It is not surprising that many will ink this cute reminder of our childhood.

Pink elephant tattoo

We already have the blue elephant on our list, now its time for the pink one. A pink elephant tattoo gives a cute, pretty and feminine feel to this lovable creature.

Elephant and lotus flower tattoo

An elephant is a symbol of a family while a lotus flower is a symbol of new beginnings. This tattoo is perfect for those who are starting a family and who want to give tribute to the family that they hold dear.

Elephant lovers tattoo

This is a good elephant tattoo idea for couples who want to show their affection towards each other and their love for the animal.  

elephant lover tattoo

Elephant couple tattoo

Get your BFF or your partner and show your love for each other in a cute way. You can do a half elephant face on both arms if you want a badass couple tattoo. Or just a cute outline for you and your BFF.

Elephant warrior tattoo

Elephants are symbols of strength and longevity. What better way to show strength than to have an elephant warrior tattoo. Complete with full battle gear to get that fierce and proud elephant warrior on your skin.

Elephant and flower tattoo

An elephant with a flower tattoo is an interesting piece of art on the skin. You have the black and gray elephant with the contrasting vibrant colors of the flowers. 

Elephant and butterfly tattoo

An elephant with ears that looks like butterfly wings is whimsical and magical. This symbolizes a new beginning and a start of a new life.

Elephant and lion tattoo

Two of the strongest creatures in the animal kingdom combined in one ultra-cool tattoo. The lion is a symbol of strength and power, just like the elephant. Both animals are also symbols of loyalty to the family.

Elephant in jungle tattoo

The elephant in the jungle is a very common scene that we see in pictures. So why not make a tattoo out of it. The elephant with the landscape of mountains and trees is a good tattoo for a large canvas space like the back and the chest.

Indian elephant tattoo

The elephant is an important icon in India and Hinduism. The creature holds a meaningful and important symbolism in their culture and religion. The elephant is a symbol of loyalty, strength and wisdom.

indian elephant tattoo design on back

African elephant tattoo

Africa is synonymous with wildlife like elephants, zebras and lions. An elephant with a safari background is the perfect way to tattoo an African elephant on your skin.

Mandala elephant tattoo

Mandala and elephants are two symbolic elements in Asian culture. Both relating to the mind and the spirit, the Mandala is a symbol of the balance of the mind and body. While the elephant is a symbol of wisdom and enlightenment, hence the significance of this tattoo.

3D elephant tattoo

3D tattoos make any subject come to life. What can be more impressive than a 3D elephant tattoo? The details of the trunk and the skin of the animal plus the movement of a 3D tattoo are enough to make this part of our list.

Outline elephant tattoo

If you want a simple elephant tattoo, do an outline tattoo. This tattoo is a subtle way to get inked while showing the world your love for the animal and its important meaning to your life.

Minimalist elephant tattoo

If you are new to the tattoo world and want to try a subtle elephant-themed tattoo, you can try a minimalist tattoo. This tattoo is usually done in black outlines with minimal shading or coloring. 

mimalistic elephant tattoo
minimalist elephant line tattoo

Colored elephant tattoo

The animal is usually black or gray in color. So how can you make a colorful work of art out of it? Well, apart from getting Dumbo, you can create a colorful elephant tattoo by using vibrant colors as its background. 

color elephant tattoo

Black and gray elephant tattoo

Black and gray is the usual tattoo style used to create an elephant tattoo. But never underestimate the power of proper shading to give life to this animal.

Watercolor elephant tattoo

Watercolor elephant tattoos may not be the best choice to show the details of the animals. But this is the perfect way to create a colorful elephant tattoo. The perfect placement and combination of saturated colors will give personality to this tattoo.

Geometric elephant tattoo

A geometric tattoo is a tattoo style using the combination of lines, curves and shapes to form an image. And in this case, the elephant in the subject. This tattoo will give a modern and futuristic feel to this time enduring creature.

Tribal elephant tattoo

Tribal tattoo is a tattoo style that originated from the Polynesian region. It symbolizes loyalty to the family and the tribe. Similar to an elephant tattoo which also symbolizes loyalty and familial love.

Neo-traditional elephant tattoo

The bold black lines and vibrant colors are the main characteristics of a neo-traditional tattoo. This is a tattoo style that you can consider if you want a bold, colorful and playful elephant tattoo.

Realistic elephant tattoo

If you want a life-like elephant in your skin, a realistic elephant tattoo will make your wish come true. Get a good artist to make sure that the fine details are captured in the tattoo to give life to this animal.

Elephant abstract tattoo

When we hear the word abstract, we usually imagine a combination of lines, patterns and color to form an object that has no clear definition. And we can do just that with an elephant abstract tattoo. Only this time, you can see the form of the subject. 

elephant tattoo on chest

Elephant hand tattoo

Many tattoo artists shy away from doing a hand tattoo due to the nature of the skin in the hands. Plus it is one painful place to get a tattoo. But this does not deter tattoo and elephant lovers to get an elephant hand tattoo. 

Elephant finger tattoo

How can you fit a huge elephant in your tiny fingers? Well, say no more! The key to this tattoo is placement. Your tattoo artist will surely find a way to get the proportion of your elephant finger tattoo right. 

Elephant arm tattoo

The arm is a good place for a tattoo. The vertical space in the arm allows for the trunk of an elephant to be in the right position. 

Elephant forearm tattoo

The forearm is a good place for an impressive tattoo. This part of the arm is mostly exposed for you to flaunt your tattoo. And you can even see your tattoo without using the mirror in full glory.

elephant tattoo on forearm

Elephant chest tattoo

The chest is one good place to get a massive and impressive elephant tattoo. The canvas space on your chest makes for a good placement of an elephant tattoo. You can extend your tattoo to your back or even to your abdomen.

Elephant back tattoo

Your back is another wide canvas for an impressive tattoo. There are many elephant tattoo ideas that you can create on your back. Just remember that this tattoo will take hours to complete and hours of pain to endure.

Elephant leg tattoo

The leg is another good place for a vertical tattoo. And the elephant is a good theme for that place. The placement of the elephant truck will make this vertical tattoo impressive.

Elephant foot tattoo

The foot is a part of the body that is usually hidden and does not get much attention. But a properly placed tattoo can still make an elephant foot tattoo work.

elephant tattoo on foot

 Elephant wrist tattoo

The wrist is a popular tattoo placement for those who are starting to dip their feet in the tattoo world. This is also a good place for a subtle and cute tattoo for a couple tattoo for BFFs.

What does an elephant tattoo mean?

Elephant tattoos symbolize wisdom, prosperity and strength. They also mean loyalty to the family and patience. 

Are elephant tattoos symbolic?

Elephants are an important symbol in Asian culture and religion. They are highly regarded in India as a symbol of wisdom and intellectual strength

Where is the best placement for an elephant tattoo?

There are many ways to place an elephant tattoo. The elephant tattoo is a good vertical tattoo design. Thanks to its impressive trunk.

Are elephant tattoos for men and women?

Elephant tattoos are a good tattoo idea that fits both men and women. A white elephant tattoo is a perfect tattoo for mothers, while a warrior elephant tattoo is best for men who want to show strength.


The elephant is an impressive creature, not only for its size and strength but for its intellectual ability as well. No wonder why many tattoo enthusiasts choose this subject to show strength and wisdom. The elephant is also an important part of many cultures around the world. And to some, an elephant tattoo may be offensive and disrespectful. There may be many dissenting opinions about an elephant tattoo, but what is important is what this animal means to you. 

Image source – All the images are from Instagram and the source is mentioned in the caption. Featured image @modoink_vivi

Disclaimer: This tattoo collection is for inspiration only. Please do not copy the artwork. If you love these tattoos, follow artists and show them some support

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