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Geometric tattoo

Since the beginning of time, geometry has been an important part of our culture, religion and astronomy. Geometric shapes and figures had an important role in building our civilization, from Egyptian building the pyramids to the Greeks developed trigonometry. Geometry is found everywhere, even on the human skin. Geometric tattoo has created its own niche in the tattoo industry. The clean and sharp lines, geometric shapes, patterns, angles and their relation to each other make up a good geometric tattoo. There are many different geometric designs on tattoos with meanings. Every geometric tattoo is unique with symbolic meaning. Here are some of the most popular geometric tattoos to inspire your next skin art.

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Flower Geometric Tattoo

Flowers combined with geometric shapes make up for a unique geometric tattoo. A flower tattoo symbolizes beauty, femininity and love. Popular variations of this geometric tattoo are the lotus flower and the flower of life. These tattoo designs are commonly seen on women but nowadays, men are also digging this design.

Geometric Flower tattoo on thigh

Animal Geometric Tattoo

Animal geometric designs are symbolic tattoos that often represent a person’s spirit animal. Deer, wolf, lion and tiger are the common animals often inked on the skin. Every animal has a different meaning. A wolf tattoo symbolizes freedom and loyalty while a lion tattoo symbolizes strength and pride. On the softer side, a cat tattoo symbolizes intellect and a deer tattoo means gentleness. Whatever spirit animal you have, there will be a unique geometric tattoo design for you.

Deer Geometry tattoo on arm

Colorful Geometric Tattoo

Colorful geometric tattoos give a different dimension to geometric tattoos. Adding color to a unique combination of lines and shapes can create a 3D effect on the skin. The proper composition of each line and shape and the proper selection of color palette makes an interesting tattoo design if you want cool 2D art on your skin.

Colorful Geometric armsleeve tattoo


Shell Geometric Tattoo

When speaking of perfect beauty, a geometric shell tattoo is one example. A shell tattoo symbolizes beauty and perfection. This tattoo is inspired by one of nature’s complex patterns. Complex yet beautifully presented and easily read when inked on the skin. This has become a favorite tattoo because of its symbolic meaning. Apart from beauty and perfection, this tattoo has a deeper meaning. When tattooed as a nautilus shell, this design symbolizes the spiritual evolution of a person.

Geometric Shell tattoo on arm


Geometry Sleeve Tattoo

If geometric tattoos are not cool enough, make it even more impressive by doing a full sleeve tattoo. This tattoo design can take up hours to complete but it is sure worth the time. There are many different variations and combinations that can be done on sleeve tattoos. Line works, dots, shapes and polygons can be combined to create a unique arm tattoo. You can even do a 3D effect to make your sleeves even more stunning.

Geometry sleeve tattoo
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Sacred Geometry Tattoo

Geometry has been a part of the earliest civilization. Patterns and symbols are often used seen on religious symbols. So it is not impossible that sacred geometric tattoos have become a popular choice of tattoo enthusiasts. Common sacred geometric tattoo designs include the flower of life, mandala, Fibonacci spiral and pentagram. All of which are easily recognized religious and spiritual symbols. These sacred symbols often represent one’s religious and philosophical beliefs.

Sacred Geometry tattoo on arm

Linework Geometric Tattoo

Linework geometric tattoo is one meticulous tattoo style. This requires a great deal of concentration and steady hands for a tattoo artist. Linework tattoos are created using a combination of clean lines to form an image. Lines can also be used as a foreground or a background of a subject to create depth and layer on the design. Most linework geometric tattoos are done in black and gray to give emphasis to the lines on the design.

Rabbit linework geo tattoo on ankle

Dotwork Geometric Tattoo

Another meticulous tattoo style is the dotwork geometric tattoo. As the name suggests, this style is made up of multiple dots of different sizes and color gradients to create an image. This time-consuming tattoo style requires patience and skills from the tattoo artist. Most of the detailings in this tattoo are done using dots and shading. There are many different tattoo designs using dotwork but the most popular choices are the mandala, animals, flowers and gradient stripes.  

Mandala tattoo on arm


Geometric tattoo is a popular tattoo style for both men and women. And both men and women tattoo artists are making a niche for themselves. Here are some of the geometric tattoo artists to consider on your next skin ink:

  1. Nissaco

An Osaka-based Japanese tattoo artist who combines traditional Japanese tattoo design with geometric patterns. 

Traditional Geo sleeve tattoo
  1. Paul Davies

A tattoo artist in the autism spectrum who has been tattooing for a decade. He specializes in dotwork and geometric tattoos.
  1. Mark Nara

Also known as The Mark of Nara, he has been tattooing for 12 years. Creating geometric tattoos to transform a person to a new state of being.

  1. Lewisink

Based in Paris, his choice of tattoo style is dotwork. He believes that the body is a canvass and works on every surface to connect each part to one another.

Dotwork Geo forearm tattoo
  1. Nouvelle Rita

A queer tattoo artist who was born in Portugal. She is currently living in London creating impressive geometric arts on her client’s skin.

Cat geo tattoo on leg


Geometric tattoos are often seen as symbolic and mystical art. This style of tattoo traces back its roots in ancient times giving it a mystic and sacred sense. Geometry tattoos are a combination of lines, dots, shapes and patterns to create intricate yet easily read art on the skin. Although this tattoo style often comes in black and gray, colored geometric tattoos are also getting more attention. There are endless possibilities for a geometric tattoo design, all of which are unique and distinct.  


What is a geometric tattoo?

A geometric tattoo is a combination of lines, dots and shapes to create a unique geometric design. 

What are the popular geometric tattoo designs?

Popular geometric tattoo design includes linework geometric tattoo, dotwork geometric tattoo, animal geometric tattoo, sacred geometric tattoo to name a few. There are endless tattoo designs that can represent your unique personality.

Is geometric tattoo popular?

The geometric tattoo has created its own niche in the tattoo market. This is due to the mysticism and mystery that this tattoo style has created.

Who are the popular geometric tattoo artists?

Popular geometric tattoo artists include Nissaco, Paul Davies, Mark Nara, Lewisink and Nouvelle Rita to name a few. Before getting a tattoo artist, make sure to check their portfolio so you can know more about their style and capabilities. 

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