Snake tattoo ideas for men and women

19 Best Snake Tattoo Ideas For Men And Women

The snake tattoo is one of the most popular tattoo subjects for both men and women. It has gone through many different transformations and renditions. Whatever snake tattoo design you have in mind, there will always be a tattoo idea that will fit you. A snake tattoo can look sexy when inked at the back of the woman following her natural curves. Or it can also be a strong and badass tattoo on the arm or leg of a man. The versatility of snake tattoo design makes it an all-time favorite.

Here are 19 all-time favorite snake tattoo design ideas for your tattoo inspiration.

Snake tattoo for men

Snake tattoo on men is one of the coolest tattoos for men. It looks good on a man’s chest, biceps, sleeve, forearm – just about anywhere in a man’s body. A snake tattoo for men is often combined with a dagger or a skull or even a rose making it look more interesting and meaningful.

Snake tattoo for women

There are many ways to do a snake tattoo for women and they can mean so many different things. A small tattoo on the wrist or the ankle is a subtle way to get this iconic animal on your skin. Whilst a snake tattoo design on the chest or the leg gives out a sexy vibe. Medusa is on snake tattoo that is very popular with women because of its meaning.

Simple snake tattoo  

For starters, a simple snake tattoo is a good tattoo idea. You can do minimalist or just snake outlines and you can get a cute tattoo. You can also ink a little hand tattoo or flash tattoo and still get an impressive piece of art.

Snake tattoo on the arm

The arms are one of the best placements for a snake tattoo. The sleeve and the forearm give a good space for a wrap-around snake tattoo. But if you are not one to do a bold tattoo, you can do a small and simple one on your wrist or on your hand.

Snake tattoo for couple

A snake tattoo is a favorite for couples who have undergone big changes in their lives. A matching tattoo on the fingers and the wrist are the most popular couple snake tattoo.

Snake Japanese tattoo

A Japanese snake tattoo is a symbol of wisdom, good luck and change. It is also believed to protect against bad luck and evil.  A Japanese tattoo is often done in a traditional style. It is often combined with other subjects like the tiger and dragon.

snake tattoo on chest
snake tattoo on hand
japanese style snake tattooo on sleeve
snake wrapped tattoo on neck
full sleeve japanese snake tattoo

Snake tattoo on Forearm

One of the best place to ink a snake tattoo is on the forearm. The vertical space of the forearm is a good canvas for any snake tattoo design. You can do a realistic wrap-around snake, a snake and dagger combo, or even an uber cool-colored Japanese snake tattoo.

Snake tattoo on the head

The head is not a common place to get a tattoo. Apart from the millions of pores in our scalp, it is also one of the most painful places to get inked. But if you get the placement and the design right, it is one hell of a kick-ass tattoo.

New school Snake tattoo

If you want the more colorful and lively version of a traditional snake tattoo, go for the new school style. New school tattoos are made of vibrant colors with a cartoonish feel to it. This makes the tattoo less serious but still impressive.

Small Snake tattoo

Small tattoos are getting more and more popular nowadays. Snakes are one subject that is always a good choice. A minimalist snake tattoo on the hand, ankle or behind the ear makes for a cute snake tattoo.

Traditional style Snake tattoo

Traditional or old-school snake tattoos feature a bold outline of a sinuous body of the snake and colorful scales. Although limited colors are used for this tattoo style, the outcome is still an impressive one.

Snake tattoo on the Hand

The hand is a good canvas for simple and minimalistic tattoos. It is one of the most common places for a couple snake tattoos.

Sleeve Snake tattoo

Getting a full sleeve tattoo is already impressive. Add a snake design and it is sure one badass sleeve tattoo. This area offers a big canvas and you can play with your tattoo design. You can do a snake with a rose or skull tattoo from your shoulders extending to your sleeve. Or you can do a half-sleeve tattoo and still get an impressive artwork.

full forearm snake tattoo

Snake tattoo on Shoulder

The shoulder is one of the most popular places to get a tattoo. This place is one of the least painful places to get inked plus it offers a big canvas that can extend to the back, the shoulder blade and half-sleeve.

Snake tattoo on Leg

There are many ways to do an impressive tattoo on the leg. Go for a traditional wrap-around tattoo, or a large realistic snake and even a Japanese snake tattoo. The choices are endless when it comes to getting a badass tattoo for this part of the body.

full leg snake tattoo

Snake and Skull tattoo

Snake and skull combined together give a sinister feeling to it. This tattoo design symbolizes death and rebirth or the cycle of life and death. A traditional or Japanese themes snake and skull tattoo on the leg or arm is an impressive rendition of this symbolic tattoo.

skull and snake tattoo on hand

Tribal style Snake tattoo

Simple is a word that does not describe a tribal snake tattoo. Snakes and tribal tattoos are two badass subjects and styles on their own. Combine them together and you get an uber impressive tattoo. Tribal tattoos have Polynesian roots making this tattoo meaningful. This tattoo symbolizes protection, power, intelligence and the cycle of life.

Snake and Flower tattoo

Any tattoo subject combined with a flower always gives a feminine vibe to it. Even the snake. The snake and flower tattoo has a more positive meaning to it. It symbolizes rebirth, change, fertility and grace. Whether you choose a small and simple tattoo on your forearm or a neo-traditional tattoo on your thigh, this tattoo is one beautiful piece of art.

Snake and Flower tattoo
black snake with beautiful flower on arm

Snake tattoo design on back

A snake tattoo at the back is one sexy tattoo for women. Imagine a Japanese snake tattoo running along the spine, or a red, sinuous snake tattoo that follows the curve of the woman’s body. And since the back is a big canvas, you can play with any size – from a small tattoo at the base of the nape or a big snake tattoo to cover your back.

red and black inked snake tattoo

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a snake tattoo symbolize?

Snake tattoos usually mean rebirth and transformation. The shedding of a snake’s skin is symbolic to many. They see this transformation of a snake as a concept of a new life.

Are snake tattoos impressive?

Snake tattoos are ultra-impressive. This subject is one of the all-time favorites of many tattoo enthusiasts.

Where is the best place to have a snake tattoo?

The placement of your snake tattoo can make or break a good tattoo design. Your tattoo artist will advise the best placement for the tattoo idea that you have in mind.


A snake tattoo has a very symbolic meaning to it. It is one timeless tattoo subject with many different designs and has been done in many different tattoo styles. Whatever tattoo design you think of, there will always be a tattoo suitable for you.

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