36 Stunning Wolf Tattoo Design Ideas

We often associate wolves with mysticism and mystery. That most often than not, we think they are just mythical creatures. We usually think of them as spirit animals rather than the predators that they are. Wolves are complex and highly intelligent canines that are loyal to and protective to their families. These are the reasons why the wolf has become an important part of the tattoo community.

The wolf tattoo symbolizes strength, power, leadership, spiritual protection and loyalty. There are many wolf tattoo ideas for men and women each one has its own special meaning. Here are 36 of the best wolf tattoo ideas.

Lone wolf tattoo

We start our list with the very basic lone wolf tattoo. No fuzz, no drama tattoo. Just the lone wolf in its full glory. This tattoo may lack embellishments but the details on the creature itself make this a wolf tattoo idea worthy to be on our list.

Wolf face tattoo

Another basic yet badass wolf tattoo idea for men is the wolf face. The wolf face tattoo is a favorite choice amongst men who want to show their masculinity.  A fierce wolf face tattoo symbolizes courage and strength.

wolf face tattoo
wolf face tattoo

Half-face wolf tattoo

Even with just half a face, you can still show power from this wolf tattoo. The eyes are the focal point of this tattoo that gives character to this animal. Half-face wolf tattoos can be paired with other fierce animals like a lion to make it even more impressive and intimidating.

Snarling wolf tattoo

Wolf alone is already intimidating. But give it a snarl to make it even more badass. A snarling wolf tattoo translates to strength and leadership. A man with a good leadership capability may be inclined with this tattoo to show his power to lead.

snarling wolves
color dotwork wolf tattoo

Pack of wolf tattoo

For the love of brotherhood and family, pack of wolf is the best tattoo idea for you. A pack of wolf tattoos is best done on a large canvas like the chest and back. One wolf is challenging enough to ink, so choose a good artist to make this pack impressive.

running wolves
wolves in arm

Howling wolf tattoo

We often associate a howling wolf with horror movies. But the tattoo community is starting to change that image. Howling wolf tattoo means a connection to the wild and free-spiritedness. It is a call to the wild and a way for the wolf to communicate with the pack.

Wolf eyes tattoo

They say that eyes are the windows of the soul. And a wolf eye tattoo mirrors the mysterious and enigmatic personality of the person wearing this tattoo. The blue eyes tattoo makes this piece even more interesting. The color blue gives the wolf eyes a mythical appearance and a feeling of fantasy.

Wolf scratch tattoo

It can be painful – the wolf scratch tattoo. Painful to look at if the details of the tattoo are laid out perfectly. And a painful process to endure just to get the perfect details done. But all the pain is well worth it when u see the final outcome of this kickass tattoo.

Wolf paw tattoo

Pawprints are often a sign of love for animals and respect for wildlife. They are often associated with cute and cuddly animals like dogs and cats. But a wolf paw has a meaning of its own. It symbolizes moving forward and being guided on the right path. 

Wolf headdress tattoo

The wolf headdress tattoo has its roots in Native America. Wolves are regarded as spirit guides and protectors of the soul in the afterlife. A woman wearing a wolf headdress is the most common design of this tattoo.

Wolf in the wild tattoo

A wolf in the wild tattoo is one artwork with all the elements of nature. The composition of this tattoo often comprises of the wolf with the forest background, the mountains and heavenly bodies. This tattoo represents peace and self-healing.

Native American wolf tattoo

Giving ode to their roots, the Native American tattoo is often depicted as a wolf wearing the Native American headdress or the war bonnet. War bonnets are worn by leaders and respected members of the tribe. Wearing this tattoo means courage, respect and loyalty.

Japanese wolf tattoo

In Japanese culture, the wolf is regarded as a divine messenger. They are also the protector of nature. The distinct characteristics of the Japanese wolf tattoo are its big eyes with a fearsome expression – signifying their protective nature, and an open mouth with fangs. The Japanese wolf tattoos are often done in colors that give their unique identity.  

Traditional wolf tattoo

Wolf tattoos are often done in black and gray. But the traditional style of tattooing has given it a spin. The heavy and bold lines with bright colors make give the wolf tattoo a new dimension. This tattoo symbolizes loyalty, relentlessness and valor. 

traditional wolf tattoo in hand
traditional wolf tattoo in hand by coquesinamo

Gometric wolf tattoo

The geometric style of tattooing gives the classic tattoo a contemporary spin. The combination of lines, shapes and shading create a geometric rendition of the wolf tattoo. Usually done with symmetrical wolf head.

geometric head wolf tattoo

Celtic wolf tattoo

The knots are the most common feature of Celtic tattoos. Celtic tattoos usually represent vitality and strength. They also represent a connection between humans and nature. Fitting for an animal that represents power, spiritual protection and strong leadership. 

Watercolor wolf tattoo

Doing a watercolor wolf tattoo requires the skill of the tattoo artists. The placement of the saturated colors should fit perfectly with the intricate details of the fur of this mystical animal. If properly put together, you will have a kickass colorful wolf tattoo.

Tribal wolf tattoo

Tribal tattoos are often abstract in form, made up of intertwining lines and curves. But there is no abstract in a tribal wolf tattoo. The lines and curves of a tribal design form the distinct features of the wolf face, making this style effective.

tribal design wolf on chest
tribal wolf tattoo

Black and gray wolf tattoo

This is the most common tattooing style of wolf tattoos. The proper shading creates a strong image of the tattoo with the perfect detailing of the animal’s fur, eyes and snout. A good artist can produce any good tattoo design using this style. 

wolf on the water
black and grey style wolf tattoo
black and grey wolf tattoo

3D wolf tattoo

3D tattoos breathe life to an artwork. It is an interesting style of tattooing that animates a simple tattoo. A jumping wolf or a running wolf tattoo idea is a good subject for a 3D tattoo.

Mandala wolf tattoo

Mandalas are geometric artwork made up of repeating lines and curves to form a pattern, symbolizing the balance of the body and mind. The common subject of a mandala wolf tattoo is the symmetrical face of the wolf.

mandala design wolf tattoo

Wolf and woman tattoo

There are a few ways to do a woman and wolf tattoo. A woman with a wolf headdress is the most common theme of this tattoo idea.  A face with half wolf and half woman is another design idea for this combo. A wolf and woman tattoo symbolizes loyalty, strength, protection and the true nature of the wolf.

Wolf and moon tattoo

The moon is the most common celestial body associated with the wolf. Both have very different meanings but when combined together, gives a feeling of mysticism and mystery. A wolf and moon tattoo symbolize a connection to instincts. 

wolf and moon phase tattoo

Wolf and lion tattoo

Lion and wolf are two of the most dominant creatures in the animal kingdom. Both represent power, strength, leadership and domination. If you want to show your masculine side, a wolf and lion tattoo will be perfect for your personality.

half lion and wolf tattoo

Wolf and flower tattoo

Tap into your more feminine side and ink a wolf and flower tattoo. Wolves being monogamous in nature, this tattoo symbolizes loyalty and devotion to your partner.

Wolf and rose tattoo

Just like a wolf and flower tattoo, this tattoo also symbolizes devotion and romantic love. A wolf face surrounded by roses is the most common artwork for this tattoo idea.

Wolf and dagger tattoo

A dagger is another tattoo subject that has many different meanings if combined with another object. The wolf and dagger tattoo is one of them. This tattoo symbolizes overcoming a difficult struggle and the resolve to never be defeated by personal demons.

Raven and wolf tattoo

The wolf and the raven are two animals that are often depicted with mystery and mystique. Both creatures also symbolize intelligence and longevity. The combination of a wolf and raven in a tattoo can be both good and bad. The tattoo can mean wisdom but it can also mean destruction and darkness.

Eagle and wolf tattoo

Both these animals are superstars in the tattoo community, each with its own unique identities. They are both strong and powerful spirit animals. Combine these 2 and you get a kickass yet meaningful tattoo. The combination of eagle and wolf in a tattoo symbolizes freedom and power. 

Dreamcatcher wolf tattoo

A dream catcher is a talisman that protects people from bad dreams and nightmares. While a wolf is a symbol of protection of the spirit. No wonder these 2 are the perfect match for a dreamy and whimsical tattoo.

Wolf sleeve tattoo

Any sleeve tattoo is an automatic badass. But make it even more impressive by choosing a wolf tattoo. The most common theme for wolf sleeve tattoos is a pack of wolves or a running or walking wolf.

Wolf forearm tattoo

Compared to the other part of the body, the forearm does not offer that much canvas for a tattoo. But that should not stop you from getting a wolf tattoo. It may seem small in size but let the details of your tattoo speak for themselves.

forearm wolf
realism wolf in arm

Wolf back tattoo

There are many subjects that you can do for a wolf back tattoo. The back has a large space for you to ink even a whole landscape with a howling wolf, or even a wolf pack. But warning! The bigger the tattoo, the higher the price.

Wolf chest tattoo

What can be more proud and dominating than a large wolf chest tattoo? If you want an intimidating tattoo, the chest is the perfect place for you to get inked. You can even extend your tattoo to your shoulders and to your biceps for a bigger canvas.

full bodied wolf tattoo

Wolf hand tattoo

Before getting a hand tattoo, you need to think twice. The hands are one of the most exposed parts of the body that any screw-up or a bad tattoo can easily be seen. But if you are doing an impressive wolf tattoo with a skilled tattoo artist then wear your hand tattoo proud.

Wolf leg tattoo

Like the sleeves, the leg also offers a huge vertical space for an impressive wolf tattoo. The proper placement of each element on a vertical tattoo is important to get an impressive piece of art on your skin.


What does a wolf tattoo mean?

Wolf tattoos are a symbol of spiritual protection, loyalty, strength and leadership. It is a very masculine tattoo but has a mysterious and mystifying feel to it.

Where is the best place to have a wolf tattoo?

The chest, back and arms are the most common placement of wolf tattoos. The large surface area of these places makes for a good canvas.


There are many different animals that are used as the subject for a kickass tattoo. But a wolf tattoo has a different charm that other creatures do not have. There is something magical and whimsical about a wolf tattoo, yet there you can see the power and strength in a wolf tattoo. Apart from their symbolism of dominance, strength and power, they also symbolize mystery, loyalty and mysticism.

Image source – All the images are from instagram and source is mentioned in the caption. Featured images @mumia916 and @blessedinkumea

Disclaimer: This tattoo collection is for inspiration only. Please do not copy the artwork. If you love these tattoos, follow artists and show them some support

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