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Zodiac Tattoo Ideas

One trend that has an extremely strong presence in the tattoo community is Zodiac Tattoos. These tattoos are inspired by the 12 astrological signs – Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius and Capricorn. Since the beginning of time, religions have attached importance and meanings to astrological signs. These cosmic signs are believed to be connected with a person’s characteristics and interests. They can even predict your destiny when it comes to love! 

But zodiac tattoos are not for everyone. You need to be a firm believer of the stars and the cosmic universe. If you are not one to look at the stars for signs and answers, then this tattoo is not for you. Artful and rad as they are, these tattoos should hold a special meaning to you. They should be a reflection of your personality. More and more are getting hooked on this trend as they are very personal. And not to mention that they look pretty cool on your biceps and shoulder blades. The combination of zodiac signs and different tattoo styles gave birth to this cosmic tattoo trend that even constellations joined the frenzy. Whatever zodiac sign you are, there will always be a perfect design that will speak of your identity.

Different Zodiac Tattoos


Aquarians are quirky and one to take the road less traveled. Amongst the 12 signs, they are the humanitarians and aspire to make the world a better place. Their love for nature and healing comes from the Water Bearer,  the mystic power that bestows life to the universe. Symbols relating to water are often used to represent the “water carriers” like the waves and blue sea.

Aquarious Style tattoo in arm
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Pisces are mystic, mysterious and full of fantasy. They are honest, compassionate and determined. Fishes, yin yang and geometric shapes are usually used to represent this star sign.  But you will be surprised that Koi fish is not seen as the subject for this astrological sign! You can also opt for mermaids, unicorn and butterflies if you want to show off your whimsical side!

Pisces Style tattoo in arm
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Aries is the energetic and the adventurous of all the zodiacs. They are strong, ambitious and unbiased. They are optimistic and always ready to lead, hence the ram. Ram, horned creatures and geometric patterns are often used to represent this zodiac. There are different renderings for the Ram and one of the more popular version is the lady with the Ram horn. This is one of the zodiacs that is best represented by minimalist geometric lines. Aries constellation tattoo is another favorite.

Aries Dotwork Style tattoo in arm
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Taurus are reliable, dedicated and they value a sense of security and stability. The bull as it is often referred as, is stubborn and rejects change. This astrological sign is often seen on the skin as the bull in realism or in geometric shapes.  a combination of the bull and astrological sign. Another popular design for this zodiac is the Taurus constellation and its symbol.

Floral Taurus Geometric Style tattoo in arm
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Gemini is the people sign. They love being surrounded by people and could not be happier to share their ideas with others. They sometimes appear to be excited and overly enthusiastic. The common subjects for this sign are the twins, the snake or a combination of both. If you want a minimalist zodiac tattoo, you can opt for the zodiac symbol.

Watercolor Style Gemini tattoo in arm
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Cancer needs to be needed. They love the feeling of being important and appreciated. Their sense of home gives them security and stability. This star sign is often depicted by the crab, the zodiac symbol and the constellation. For a more chic and hip zodiac tattoo, you can choose to ink heartbeat and hearts. This represents Cancer’s love for togetherness and home.

Blackwork Style Cancer tattoo in chest
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Leos are the royals amongst the zodiac signs. They love to be adored and surrounded by people that love them. They have a natural charisma that makes people gravitate towards them. They bring warmth, love and light to people important to them. Most Leos choose the lion to be the subject of their tattoo to show leadership and courage. Another popular variation of this tattoo is the zodiac symbol itself. This is usually done in bold lines or minimalist geometric patterns.

watercolor Style Leo tattoo at the back
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Virgos, often referred to as the Virgin, are charming and good story tellers. They love to collaborate and have a good sense of intuition. There are a hundred different renderings for the Maiden. This is the most popular choice of design for this tattoo. The Virgo constellation tattoo and zodiac symbol are also used as subjects for the star sign. Another simple but popular choice is the cursive writing of the word itself.

Blackwork Style Virgo tattoo in arm
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Libras are just and fair. They value the beauty and harmony. Libras are also nurturing, caring and they defend the underdogs. The common subjects of this sign are the balance scale and the blindfolded lady with a balance scale. To add character to the balance scale, you can add flowers or other cosmic bodies.

Blackwork Style of Libra tattoo in arm
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Scorpio are bold with intense personality that is why they are often misunderstood. They are confident and can survive all challenges if they put their minds to the situation. They often seem to be uninterested and nonchalant but they are keen observers. The most common representation of this zodiac tattoo is the scorpio. This zodiac icon is often done on geometric shapes, tribal and realism. The Scorpio constellation tattoo is also a popular design.

Colorful Style Scorpio tattoo in chest
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Sagittarian are the philosophers amongst the zodiacs. They have great focus and love exploring and wandering. While they lack patience, they compensate with loyalty to friends. Sagittarius is often inked with the Centaur or the arrowhead as the main subject of the tattoo. There are many different representations of the half-man and half-horse creature.  The Taurus constellation tattoo is often mixed with different objects from nature. Most often used are the flowers and leaves entwined with arrows.

Black & Grey Style Saggitarius tattoo in arm
Source:[email protected]_horse_tattoos


Capricorns are smart workers and ambitious. They are organized with sharp intuitions and they succeed in their plan.  They are responsible and capable that at times, they find it difficult to share the burden. The goat is often used as the subject for this tattoo. Many different renditions of this sign like the lady with the goat horn or goat’s head are very popular. For minimalist style, you can do the zodiac and the constellation tattoo.

Blackwork Style Capricorn tattoo in shoulder
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Astrology tattoos are not for everyone. You need to have faith in the stars to feel the value and meaning of this tattoo. As a Sagitarian, I find great pleasure in creating the tattoo design with my tattoo artist. The subject of my tattoo is the female centaur holding an arrow with the constellation as the background. To add my own personality, I added some flowers and leaves to represent green which is my favorite color. This only shows that no matter how many times a zodiac tattoo has been created and designed, there will always be a way to personalize it and make it a statement of your personality. Whatever your star sign is, always make sure to stay true to yourself and not depend too much on what these signs say. Live life with freedom. Do not let the position of the stars control your emotions and your everyday life. These are just guides and it is still on us how we make this life worth it. YOLO!

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