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Best tattoo ideas for women

Once upon a time, getting a tattoo is only for men to show masculinity and power. But not anymore. Women nowadays proudly wear their ink. True that getting a tattoo is one big decision to make but once you started, you will definitely want more.

There are many different tattoo ideas for women, some are just simple while others are bold and loud. Getting a tattoo can mean many different things to a woman and even a man. Most women choose a tattoo that speaks of their personality. While some ink to make a statement.

With the many different tattoo ideas for women, it might make deciding what design to ink difficult. So we list down the 25 best tattoo ideas for women to make your decision-making easier.

Butterfly tattoo

One tattoo design that never gets old is the butterfly tattoo. There is something whimsical and feminine at the same time with this winged creature that makes it a favorite amongst women. You can do a colored butterfly tattoo for a fun and playful piece of art. Or a line tattoo for the subtle statement. 

butterfly and flower tattoo

Dragon tattoo  

Dragon tattoo is a staple in the Asian tattoo community. We usually see them in the worn by Asian men and women and we already feel intimidated. Dragon tattoo symbolizes power, fearlessness and protection. No doubt why it has become a favorite of many strong and independent women. 

Lion tattoo

The king of the jungle lion has made its way to human skin. And why not? The animal is a symbol of courage, wisdom and royalty. This is one statement tattoo for fierce and fearless women. 

Semi-colon tattoo

A semi-colon tattoo is a good place to start if you want to enter the tattoo community. It is a subtle tattoo but with profound meanings. It symbolizes a new chapter of life becoming a favorite for those who survived tragedy and loss. It also symbolizes a continuation of life and a journey.

Wolf tattoo

Most people identify wolves as their spirit animal. They are usually part of folklore and different mythology. That is why a wolf tattoo is on our best tattoo ideas for women list. This animal symbolizes loyalty, family and friendship. One popular rendition is a wolf on a woman’s head symbolizing wolf as their spirit guide.

Elephant tattoo

It is said that elephants are smart and intelligent creatures. They have good memories and are good problem solvers. An elephant tattoo usually symbolizes wisdom and intelligence.

elephant  tattoo on waist

Scorpion tattoo

If you want to make a statement, ink a scorpion tattoo. A tiny creature it may seem, it can intimidate and instill fear. A scorpion tattoo often means great strength and the ability to protect oneself. 

Snake tattoo

If there is one animal that deserves to be on the best tattoo ideas list, it is the snake tattoo. The snake tattoo has been inked a million times but still, it never gets old. The serpent tattoo has many meanings. It symbolizes a new beginning or a new life, protection and strength. A snake with a skull means death, while a snake with a sword can mean health and medicine.

unique style snake tattoo
snake and flower snake tattoo on back

Heart tattoo

One tattoo idea that has gone through many different renditions is the heart tattoo. A small heart tattoo on the wrist can look cute. While a bloody broken heart with a rose or a heart with a crown of thorns looks dramatic and emotional. A heart tattoo symbolizes love, desire, and passion.

heart tattoo on arms

Skull tattoo

A skull tattoo is often associated with death and mortality. It is often seen in many cultures as a symbol of darkness hence the reputation of skull tattoo as an evil tattoo. But thanks to the artistic tattoo artists, nowadays skull tattoos are appreciated for their intricate details using lines and shading.

Wings tattoo

We all have the fantasy to have wings and fly. But unfortunately, we cannot. So let us just content ourselves with a wing tattoo. Make it big and bold to cover your back and make a statement. Or just a simple wrist tattoo to remind you to always fly and dream. 

Compass tattoo

A compass tattoo is a good reminder to everyone that no matter how hard life is, we will always find a way to get through. It is a symbol of the direction and path where life takes us. Most women that have gone through a rough chapter in life and found direction tend to ink a compass tattoo to symbolize their journey.

Sun tattoo

A sun tattoo is often associated with the end of darkness. To a person who has experienced a dark chapter in his life, a sun tattoo is a symbol of the light that she has found. It can also mean truth and discovery.

Star tattoo

Needless to say, a star tattoo makes a person feel like a star, a celebrity. It is a symbol of success and ambition. A star tattoo can also mean hope and trust that our prayers every time we look at the sky will be answered. A cute little star tattoo on the wrist is a good way to start your tattoo journey.

Dream catcher tattoo

A dream catcher tattoo has Native American roots. It signifies protection from evil thoughts. It has a whimsical look that makes it very feminine and the details of the feather make it look light and dreamy.

half moon inspired dream catcher tattoo

Bird tattoo

There are many different designs to ink this winged creature. It can be inked in motion like a dove flying or an eagle with an intimidating stare. If you want to show power and strength, choose an eagle tattoo. For a more whimsical and dreamy tattoo, do an owl tattoo. A sparrow tattoo for women who want to show love and loyalty.

beautiful bird tattoo on forearm
sword and crane tattoo on arm

Henna tattoo

The henna tattoo has its roots in ancient South Asia and it has spread all over the world. They are temporary tattoos inked on the skin using dye from the henna tree. It is usually done for celebrations like weddings and engagements. Its intricate combination of lines, dots, curves, and patterns create an impressive tattoo. 

Cross Tattoo

A cross tattoo is a symbol of faith and devotion. Although some say that the cross tattoo is offensive and disrespectful, it has not stopped many from inking this symbolic figure. Some even believe that a cross tattoo can offer protection from harm and evil.

traditional style cross tattoo

Flower tattoo

Roses, sunflower, lotus – these are just a few of the many flower tattoo ideas that you can think of. A flower tattoo has a very feminine feel to it and can be done in many different tattoo styles. It is best inked in color but it also looks equally impressive in black and gray. A flower tattoo represents beauty and femininity.

beautiful flower tattoo
beautiful flower tattoo on shoulder

Typography tattoo

We all have that one-liner that sticks to us and has become words that we live by. It can be a line of a song or a verse from the bible or rhymes from poetry. What better way to remember those words than to print them on the skin. Plus, there are hundreds of different fonts for you to choose from to make it personal.

3D tattoo

2D tattoos are impressive but 3D tattoos have taken tattooing to the next level. Make your tattoo look alive by doing a 3D tattoo. You can choose any subject to create a 3D tattoo from a simple flower or butterfly to the more intricate Biomech tattoo.

Couple tattoo

For your BFF, twin sister and partner, a couple tattoo is a good way to show your love and loyalty to each other. Some say couple tattoos are cheesy but for us, they are tiny works of art. We suggest getting a couple tattoos that can stand alone as an individual tattoo so it will still look complete even when you are not with your BFF.

cute heart tattoo

Feather tattoo

Feather tattoo comes in all shapes, sizes and colors. It is a symbol of freedom and beauty, similar to a bored where feathers came from. The fine lines and details of a feather tattoo will make or break this piece of art. So make sure to choose a good tattoo artist when getting your feather tattoo.

Geometric tattoo

Not everyone loves mathematics but we can all agree that geometric tattoos are impressive. The combination of lines and shape make up for an eye-catching geometric tattoo. It symbolizes mystery, balance and stability. 

mandala geometric tattoo
beautiful geometric tattoo

Astrology tattoo

Many believe in star signs or astrological signs that these zodiacs dictate their way of life. Some even ink their star signs on their skin. Not surprising though. These zodiac signs have become an icon that is easily recognizable even with one glance. Add some artistic flair to these icons and you have your personalized astrology tattoo. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most popular tattoo ideas for women?

Flower, butterfly, birds, and heart tattoos are only a few of the popular tattoos for women. The choices are infinite. You can check our list of the most popular tattoo ideas for women.

Is getting a tattoo painful?

Getting a tattoo can be painful so you have to prepare yourself before getting a tattoo. Some women have high pain tolerance which makes them endure tattooing better compared to others. While some women can easily feel uncomfortable.

Should I get my first tattoo?

If you are want to dip your feet on the tattoo world but you are not sure if this is for you, you can start small. A tiny dot or semi-colon tattoo can be a good start. You can also try a minimalist tattoo or a small tattoo on the wrist.

Is it OK for women to get tattoos?

Yes, nowadays women are getting more and more into tattooing. It has become a way of self-expression and appreciation of art.

What do women with tattoos symbolize?

Women with tattoos show independence and are strong-willed. Tattooing is usually seen as a way to show masculinity. But nowadays, women are using tattoos to express their personalities. 

Can tattoos cover scars?

Tattoos can cover any scars. A good tattoo artist can plan and layout a good tattoo design that will fit any scar.


Gone are the days when getting a tattoo is taboo. Nowadays, women wear tattoos as part of their self-expression and freedom. Choosing your first tattoo can be stressful. Of course, you want your first tattoo to be meaningful and significant. But don’t let choosing your tattoo take away the fun and excitement of getting your first one. We guarantee you, after the first one, you will come back for more. It might hurt a little bit but it is worth the pain. Tattooing is an art and your skin is the canvas. So be sure to choose the best art that you will carry forever.

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