geometric animal tattoo ideas

Geometric animal tattoo ideas

There are a lot of different animals that make great tattoo style. Some popular ones include lions, tigers, elephants, and bears. But really, any animal can make for a great and unique tattoo design while you get them in shapes and lines. It all depends on what geometric shapes are you looking for in a tattoo.

If you want something big and bold, then an animal like a lion or tiger might be a good choice. If you’re looking for something more delicate and elegant, then an animal like a bird or dog might be a better option. Really, it’s all up to you!

If you want to get a geometric tattoo then here are our 35 geometric tattoo design ideas.

Geometric Bear Tattoo

The bear tattoo represents strength, courage, and tenacity. They are wild animals and tattooing them on any of our body parts will be a great symbol of having power or strength and also it adds up a modern touch to it. They can look stylish and unique with the help of geometric design.

Amazing bear tattoo on thigh by

Geometric Fox Tattoo

Someone who is wise and clever would be something different. Tattooing a fox with geometric patterns is stylish and also the tattoo meaning is as clever as a fox. They can be designed according to the preference but any design would look great with the help of geometry. There are also many other beautiful animal tattoos that would look great with the help of geometry.

Cute fox tattoo on arm by 23 tattoostudio
Amazing fox tattoo tattoo on arm by lucija.krw
Geometric fox tattoo by lumo tattooist

Geometric Elephant Tattoos

These are really beautiful not only the tattoo but the animal itself is really peaceful. There are also many designs for elephant tattoos in design which would look great. But considering a geometric tattoo, the design would look more amazing and elegant. This tattoo is a popular choice and also really the overall design is really eye-catching.

Geometric fox tattoo by
Beautiful elephant tattoo by cause.chaos
Family elephant tattoo by leehumphs tattooer

Geometric Owl Tattoo

They are well known for wisdom and knowledge and the owl tattoo makes people believe to have new hope in the darkness. Start to make a new journey with your life. As a symbol owl tattoo is a great idea. They can be colored in detail as well with beautiful linings through geometric shapes.

Geometrci owl tattoo by even

Geometric Deer Tattoo

This tattoo symbolizes peace, kindness, beauty, and wealth. Deer are innocent animal that beautifully represents nature. Someone who is wanting to have a deer tattoo can have deep meaning with themselves like beauty, kindness, power, etc. This tattoo can be the best idea for someone who wants to show their strength and power to the world.

Geometric deer tattoo by
Amazing deer tattoo by alice.peri inkzimmer

Geometric Hawk Tattoo

The most common reason for getting a hawk tattoo is to symbolize yourself as intelligent, independent, progressive, and powerful. It is simple yet stunning and would look perfect on any part of the body for which geometric patterns play a vital role. The black and white design is sure to stand out and would be perfect for anyone who loves birds or wants a tattoo that is unique and different. An arm sleeve would be the best placement for hawk tattoos.

Geometric Cat Tattoo

Cats are cute as well as wild, their attitude is something else. Their tattoos can be really cool with the line and shapes which are all perfectly symmetrical and the overall design. They can be colored in any color, but my personal opinion for them to be colored is in black or white just cause I think it would look better.

Geometrci cat tattoo by renot
Amazing cat tattoo on arm by antlers tattoohk

Geometric Tiger Tattoo

Tigers are wild animals who are really popular for having raw power and strength. The tiger tattoo is a great way of showing off your power and they are trendy among tattoo enthusiasts and artists. And also, the geometric design adds a touch of sophistication to the tattoo.

Beautiful tiger tattoo by kimshine tattoos

Geometric Lion Tattoo

Lion tattoos look like a great way of showing strength and power. The lines and shapes of the tattoo often create a powerful image that is sure to turn heads. With tattoo artist creativity they can stylish and unique.

Geometric Wolf Tattoo

Wolf tattoos are really popular among those who are faithful and devoted. Those tattoos usually symbolize being devoted and faithful towards their family and love. Therefore Wolf tattoos are the really popular cause of these reasons. They are normally inked in the upper arm, thigh, legs, or back. But they can also be suitable for any part of the body with the help of geometric design as they make it look more stylish and fashionable. They can be inked in watercolor tattoos in order to make them look more fashionable.

Amazing wolf tattoo by
Geometric wolf tattoo on arm by renatovision
Beautiful wolf tattoo by

Geometric Giraffe Tattoos Ideas

Giraffe tattoos are quite different which makes them popular. They are simple and elegant and the best choice for those who don’t want a large tattoo as they are usually tatted in small sizes making it a great look. And also with the help of geometric designs it, will give a modern design making it cool and twist on the traditional giraffe tattoo design. They also do have quite different tattoo shapes.

Cute giraffe tattoo on ankle by esertuncertattoos
Simple giraffe tattoo on arm sleeve by liza vesna tattoo
Realistic geometric tattoo by egorgoydin

Geometric Whale Tattoo

Whale Geometric tattoos rea a great way to add some visual interest to a classic design. They can be suitable for both men and women. They are often seen as a clean line with bold designs with the help of geometric patterns. They can be simple as well as complex, it depends on how you want them to be tatted. They can be tatted as small geometric tattoos as well. Therefore, Geometric whale tattoos are one of the best geometric sea animal tattoos.

Fineline beautiful whale tattoo by fangjosh tattoo
Geometric whale tattoo by heim tattoo
Realistic geometric whale tattoo by tattoowithme

Geometric Snake Tattoos designs

 The snake tattoo is a timeless symbol of rebirth, temptation, fertility, power, and more. It is also a symbol that can be integrated into a great many other designs, with the ability to wrap or coil around any other object you desire. Snake tattoos may also be fascinating as well. They can also be really stylish with geometric style and can be placed on any part of the body but they are normally tatted on arms and collarbone.

Image source – All the images are from Instagram and the source is mentioned in the caption. Featured image @marked_by_elise

Disclaimer: This tattoo collection is for inspiration only. Please do not copy the artwork. If you love these tattoos, follow artists and show them some support

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